On this third day after the 2014 mid-term elections, my last web posting was day before election. I deliberately waited three days after the election before writing again.

Throughout my life, when faced with a major problem or decision, there’s something magical about waiting three days before making a decision about it. Therefore I’ve just watched the fur fly and the dust un-settle, while the victors gloat and the losers moan over Tuesday’s election.

The Republican party won the mid-term election and now is in charge of the Senate and House of Representatives. Therefore the 535 in Congress, elected by the people, have the reins and the bull by the horns, and the President is still in charge of his executive agenda. But that was the set-up before the election. So what has changed? Nothing so far except some of the names in Congress.

The Republicans won, not because they presented any particular agenda of change for the better, but simply because they campaigned in opposition to the plans, means and dreams of the President. Then the President goes on TV for a very lengthy response, and reminds us he plans on moving ahead with the same agenda he promoted before the Republicans won the election, it’s time to stop and take an objective look at where we are today.
His oratorical skills pitched the notion to the people that the two-thirds who did not vote, cast a vote of approval for him and his Socialist agenda. Telling us, “There’s no law ever passed that is Perfect.” What is that message? Apparently speaking of man-made laws, because all Universal Laws are Perfect. And all man-made laws are commensurate with Universal laws or inopposition and conflict with. No big mystery about that.

Then Senator McConnell, the new majority leader in the Senate goes on television and presents a lengthy discussion about his position. Did a good job of promising changes with no particular specifics, to hang one’s hat on.

It really is a “Bad Day at Black Rock” when the winners of the power seat do not stand up and list a dozen things they stand for and will seek to accomplish to change the direction of this nation. It’s as if there’s no compass as out-lined in the Constitution to follow, no specific list of agenda by Republicans, just a sort of wait and see, depending upon what the President says and does. There’s no ambiguity about the role of the people, the President and Congress in the Constitutional document of laws.

If we stop and take an objective look at past behavior of the President, we must admit he has already transformed America in violation of the Constitution, now stands before the people and arrogantly states his future plans in general and specifically about immigration, remain unchanged.

Senator McConnell is a long time politician, been in Congress a long time knows the laws and the Constitution, and the people have spoken they want changes in business as usual. So what’s keeping him from standing up with a stated list of changes he has been mandated to accomplish?

Apparently all the millions that the tea partiers have contributed to effect change, have not amounted to a hill of beans. Then to top it off the majority of those actively voting went to the polls with an unmistakable mandate to “stop the onslaught of Obama.” Clearly the results of the election gives notice the American citizenry in opposition to mandates of the President, and disagreement with a Congress which has permitted him to act contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

Now What? Clearly no specific list of a dozen things demanded by Congress in opposition to the mandates of the President to change directions. All the millions of letters to Congressmen have failed to prompt the elected to do the will of the people according to Constitutional laws. And I say this because the detailed response by the President made it quite clear, he’s proceeding with his agenda after this mid-term election. So what’s the problem?

Quite simply, the failure to follow through of the “eternal vigilance” required by a free people to keep the power brokers in line to follow the Constitution. You as an individual cannot leave that Right up to an elected politician, his primary goal is getting in office and staying in office. Yours should be to maintain and sustain Freedom in preference to bondage and enslavement.

From the after response from the President and those elected, there’s no clear cut agenda proposed by either, to roll back the stone of bondage perpetrated on the citizenry of the people of this nation. So where do you start? Quite simply you can sit down and write out a dozen things you wish to be changed, for starters. Exchange these ideas with family, friends and neighbors, follow the news to see if any of your desires to return to freedom, are acted upon in Washington. Don’t fall asleep at the switch now, when you have won a majority for change, it’s your responsibility to see to it the desired change is acted upon. Electing a diferent batch to rule is just “jacks for openers” as they say in Poker.

And definitely do not be lulled into the propaganda that the 2016 election for a new president carries a magic bullet promise for change. In two years it will be too late, unless there’s demands for a change now. All along, the year 2014 has been the year there’s a chance for change back to the Principles this nation was founded upon. This change of the guards in Congress, as a result of this election, is proof change is possible now, but just the opener for change.

It is also quite clear, the necessary changes have not been outlined and articulated, specifically sufficient for the newly elected politicians to follow. Obviously they did not outline any specific agenda in their campaign rhetoric. Their campaign buzz word was “change.” Very non-specific. Change to what? It’s the responsibility of the people to specify the change they desire and demand it. Not to do this will drop the ball, and conditions will remain what they are today and only worsen.

The President has already made it quite clear, he plans on carrying out his current agenda, and despite the fact the newly elected claim they are for changes in the manner of business as usual, no clear cut list to roll back, all the heinous acts rolled upon the citizenry, has been presented. The people, ie, those in bondage, must make the demands specifically and clearly.

Time is of the essence and the time is now.

Let Freedom Ring
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