Last night I heard on the news the American Marine, Sgt. Tamaressi, jailed by Mexican government, because he inadvertly made a wrong turn on his way to California and wound up in Mexico by mistake, has now been in jail there 199 days.

This morning had an e-mail from one of my Face book Friends, Annette, saying, “I can not understand why President Obama will not involve himself and get the Marine out.”

Annette admits she voted for Obama, however quite disenchanted with his performance, and I suggest Annette speaks for many others.

Many, many persons have tried to entice President Obama as Commander in chief to  demand the release of the Marine. A petition of thousands of names sent to him and such notables in the news media as Bill O’riley and Greta Van Sustran have tried to influence the President to have him released to no avail.

The Marine was carrying three American guns in his car when arrested in Mexico. It is illegal to carry guns into Mexico, so I understand. The Obama administration has received a lot of adverse publicity over the government reported gun-runner deal involving DOJ, Eric Holder.
Untold amount of news reporting over President Obama’s desire to make gun ownership illegal in this country. It’s no secret he wants  to disarm the American citizenry.

Secondly, he has been dismantling the military at an alarming rate, according to news reports. Then, there’s all the news about mistreatment of injured soldiers in the Veterans administration. And the latest shocking news is the ordering of young American soldiers to Africa, to assist in the Ebola virus out-break there.
Unlike prior Commander-in-chiefs, who stood for a strong military to protect this country, which is the role of government, his attitude towards a strong well equipped military, appears quite different. If his aim is to disarm the people, and he makes no bones about it, and he’s dismantling the military, it would follow common sense logic that he would not stand behind a military man riding around cross country carrying 3 loaded guns, would he?

The fact the young marine was arrested in Mexico for entering the country with 3 loaded weapons, Given the fact the President has stated from the out-set his aim was to “transform America”, it appears to me, refusal to help his release is part of the over-all agenda to teach the America citizenry a lesson to stop carrying guns. All the publicity about the Marine being jailed because he was carrying loaded guns is propaganda to discourage gun ownership. Driving around with loaded guns in one’s vehicle, is contrary to  the  political agenda of the President.

Despite the fact it’s one’s Constitutional Right to do so, it’s in opposition to the game plan and agenda of the President, when he makes it quite clear he’s against gun  carrying Americans. It’s just my opinion, it appears the case of  Marine Sgt. Tamaressi, being jailed by a foreign government for having loaded guns in his car, is fuel for fodder to promote the President’s agenda and a tool to teach defiant gun-toting Americans a lesson of what could happen to one by insistence to keep owning guns.

I don’t wonder why the Commander-in-chief refuses to insist upon his release, I say why not leave him there when it promotes the agenda of the current political regime in Washington. To act otherwise would not be commensurate with his stated position to disarm the American citizenry as I see it.

I read in this morning news, the President is being labeled “Psycho”. I don’t think he’s psycho, I think he is a very charismatic, smart man with an agenda to dismantle America to enhance his power for a “one world government” with himself as the leader.

Ask yourself- how can anyone “transform America” with a strong well equipped military sitting in the wings, and a citizenry, armed to the hilt?  Can’t be done, must dismantle and disarm, and the Marine Sg.t is an example to others of what might happen if one drives around well-armed. I could be sincerely wrong, however, to Annette and others asking Why President Obama does not act for the release of the jailed marine, it’s quite obvious to me. Not that I have a crystal ball, my conclusions arrived from listening to what the President says and does. Nothing mysterious about what the President says and does, he tells us, in no uncertain terms.

The problem lies in the American people refusing to heed what they hear and see. Your eyes and ears not lying to you. But rather stuck in disbelief, I suppose.

You know the old saying, “All the world is wrong but me and thee and sometimes I have my doubts about thee.” WAKE UP AMERICA!!


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  1. Annette Booth says:

    Great article Anne.