Back in the earlier days of the formation of this nation, when there were colonies under British rule, the people decided they wanted to be free to decide for themselves how they wanted to live their lives, raise their families and handle their property. They wanted to be free to decide who, when and where to worship. They were tired of being forced to contribute a part of their property to the regime of a king in another country. Declared themselves their Right to be Free, and took the necessary steps to rid themselves of the shackles imposed upon themselves, according to the dictates of other human beings who lust for power.

Out of that Revolutionary war, individuals discovered Freedom, and assumed the self-responsibility and self-control required to be Free. As a result, we have the Declaration of Independence, the most nearly perfect document ever created by man, plus a Constitutional government, which outlines the role of a centralized government, plus the inalienable rights of each individual born in this country. An imperfect document, for imperfect men to live by in an imperfect world.

The underlying premise of this new form of government was in essence, one’s inalienable Right to property ownership. To be free to create and control that which each created, with boundaries of ownership, Personal and private ownership was the essence of this new system of government. A free enterprise system of Capitalism, which gave birth to the voluntary exchange of goods and services.
A system this nation thrived upon until 1913, when the Graduated Income Tax laws passed in Congress and put into effect, then everything changed. Along came Woodrow Wilson, then Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the great socialist of the thirties and forties of the past century, and the erosion on personal Freedom, as increased laws voted into being, which gnawed away at personal Freedom property Rights. Until just over 100 years later, in this year 2014, we are living in times that try men’s souls, a far cry from the Principles of Freedom our revolutionary forefathers fought and died for.

A time when it’s taboo to talk about Freedom, and the majority misunderstand its meaning, and could care less about understanding it, and have surrendered their Rights to be free to the old time system of Socialism which incorporates both brands of Fascism and communism. Just a week away from another election, to vote into power a small group of men and women, to rule over our lives, children and property.

In this information age, have we become educated beyond the capacity to think for ourselves? Some polls across this nation are already open for the people to flock to the polls to vote. The question is, why are you voting and what are you voting for? That is the question each individual must answer for themselves.

First, one must face the reality we are no longer living under the basic premise of the Original Constitution, which guaranteed one’s inalienable Rights to individual Freedom and property Rights ownership. That change has already taken place. The transformation has already taken place. Those few in charge of the new and different system, already transformed, now want and need your stamp of approval at the polls to insure their control of this system of Socialism, which is the antithesis of personal Freedom and private property ownership. Your approval of this different system is desired by those in charge.

If you decide to vote, you are not voting for freedom versus Bondage, but rather which candidate you prefer to sit in the seat of power over your life and property, to take, rake and rule, in a system already in control. To still believe at this stage that there’s any significant difference in a Democrat or Republican, aside from degree, is a fool’s paradise thinking.

The entire system of voting is now so rigged, it really doesn’t matter which one you vote for. What matters is your vote is your stamp of approval for that which has already taken place. Specifically, the system of personal Freedom, and private property ownership of the Free-enterprise capitalistic system, has already been replaced by a transformed America into Socialism. Precisely as promised by President Obama in his original campaign speeches, over six years ago.

All the flowery speeches and news spurts about war, disease, and illegals, is a ploy to divert your attention from the real issue, which is Bondage or Freedom. The war of ideas we have been involved in the past number of years, without a shot being fired, has already been settled and replaced by a different system, we are experiencing today. The conditions we face today, are just listening to more lies and deceit of Propoganda, about the reality of that which has already taken place, to prevent any uprising so the regime in power can have your stamp of approval from your vote.

The one element the bondage of Socialism and Freedom have in common is they both require approval of the citizenry up for grabs in the conflict,, and this mid-term election next week, is the set-up for approval of conditions already in place in this country. We cannot vote ourselves out of the conditions we have voted ourselves into. The powers at-be do not need your vote, but simply desire your approval to continue the onslaught on a previous Constitutional government system, ignored and replaced by the conditions we have today.

As Dr. Phil says, “We can’t change that which we refuse to acknowledge.” Obviously, we the people refuse to acknowledge what we have, if we think we can vote ourselves out from under the system of socialism already in control.

I listen to a lot of news and I haven’t head the first candidate up for election next week announce he or she wants to go to Washington to rid this country of Socialism and return this nation to the Constitutional government for freedom and free enterprise, its original intent.

Therefore, I return to my original question – why are you voting and what do you think you are voting for? Only you can answer that question as you enter the secret ballot booth. Regardless of what you think, you are placing your stamp of approval on more of the same. Voting is not exercising choice, because no one I have heard has proposed any solution to our current dilemma. Simply because politicians do not hold the key to a solution, only those being ruled do. Which lies within the hearts and minds of the American people, willing to stand up and demand a change.

Despite all the anger, resentment and disenchantment among the people of this nation, it’s predictable they will march to the polls November 4th and stamp with approval more of the same. Wake up on November 5th, with a different name to send to Washington, ready to continue more of the same. Some will return the politicians who have brought us to the brink, back to Washington. Doesn’t matter whether a new face or same-o crowd, the results will be the same, more voting for taking more from producers to give to non-producers, with high hopes doing the same thing will produce different results.

Change can only come from the hearts and minds of the American people. A change to return to the Principles of our founding fathers as outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution. Now ignored and replaced by a different system of socialism.



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  1. In any election, government is the only winner.

    This year my dad is voting for all the Libertarian Party candidates- I wish he’d stop playing the rigged game altogether, but this is a step in a good direction.