Halloween is this weekend and mid-term election day comes right after. I dread the news day after each one. It’s reported the most popular Halloween costume is the terrorist type cover your identity-type costume. Which no doubt will be a disguise to commit crimes by some, lurking in the shadows.

With reference to all the hoopla over mid-term elections on Tuesday, pay attention to all the news, rigged machines, fraud in the counting of votes, illegals voting in a number of voting places, and so much trickery, it staggers one’s imigination. However it’s nothing new to read about all the rigging surrounding voting.

One can read about 19th century voting and election practices, in the Tammany Hall era of New York, when American politician Boss Tweed said, “As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it?” A quote from Harpers Weekly, 1870.

Still so many believe there’s something so magically American to flock to the poll booth to vote, there’s a compulsion to participate. Then waking up after elections, to discover conditions go from bad to worse, as a result of one’s unwillingness to face the reality of what’s taking place in this country, despite the fact there’s plenty of information available for the dullest and dumbest to to be informed.

The day after Halloween we will be reading about the results of some of the disguised crimes to innocent children, and the day after the mid-term election next Wednesday, we will be hearing about the fraud and rigging at the places of polling.

Some will be celebrating with joy over results, while others crying in their beer, wondering why things turned out with the results they hear. All I can say is hold on to your child’s hand out trick-or-treating, and hold on to your hat and purse after Tuesday’s election results.

The dust will barely settle before it starts all over with hype and propaganda about 2016 presidential elections. However, it’s this year’s decisions which have a slim chance of making a difference, in the future of this great nation. All along it has been the year of 2014, as the big turning point of returning to those ideals of Americanism, which this nation thrived upon once in our history and furnished the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.

We now come face to face with destruction or construction, as we face head-on with an enemy of corruption in government, an invisible enemy in the form of the Ebola virus, the threat of disease and crime from all the illegals, and a terrorist group of ISIS, attacking from outside and inside this country.

The difference in the destructive forces we faced in the past and the destructive forces we face today, is one of attitude among the people. There’s a pall of indifference among the majority, now out-pictured among the people, in fear and anger, which has dulled the senses and replaced that “Root, Hog, or die!” mentality once pervasive among the citizenry, when we stood up and stood against any enemy, daring to threaten the Freedom we once enjoyed.

Along the way, we allowed creeping socialism to reach the degree of totalitarianism we face today on the verge of a One World government takeover, right before our eyes.That which we viewed as a threat is now a reality as those in charge brag about what they plan on doing next, as we vote ‘em into power to do unto us as they choose, and tell us ahead of time what their next move will be. Now coming at us in the manner of edicts and orders. While the majority thought sending letters to the elected would change the direction. Today we know those in power pay no attention to the desires of the people, but still want your stamp of approval in the way of a vote, to justify their power grab, next Tuesday.

As the Communist Stalin said, “Comrades, I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote or how. But what is extraordinarily important is this: who will count the votes and how.”


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