Just a few days now until the much anticipated mid-term elections across the country. Political pundits up and down  as poll numbers change in this era of yo-yo politics.

Currently, the puzzle for me is trying to figure our if what’s taking place in Georgia politics is representative of the pulse of the public in other states. I don’t know, but here’s how I see it here in Georgia: David Perdue is a businessman vying for the Senate seat against Michelle Nunn, a Democrat, whose father Sam Nunn once the Senator from Georgia and chairman of the Armed Services Committee.
Back in my earlier days, as wife of s to Sam Nunn, and still have some of his response letters.  My complaints were mostly about military base schools, I battled frequently, and despite the fact my Senator was from my State and head of Armed services, I never received any meaningful assistance from Sam Nunn.

As I see it, as I listen to news and political ads about David Perdue and Michelle Nunn, It’s the most non-compis mentis, listless  rhetoric coming from two candidates I’ve ever witnessed in Georgia politics.

When it began, Perdue  continually advertised he was a “newcomer” to Washington and the old crew should be replaced by him because he was a new-comer. He announced he was for “term Limits”. A joke to say the least to think anyone can enter National politics advertising, such a remote claim. Aside from announcing he’s opposed to tax-money for schools, I haven’t heard him articulate any meaningful ideas to save this Nation from the Socialist ditch we are in. I have heard no platform of ideas to return to the Principles this nation founded upon, according to the Constitution. But he was ahead in the polls.

Michelle Nunn, one who advertises she’s going to defer everything to President Obama, and he goes on TV to tell us his Policies are on the Ballot in this election, informs us the Democrat nominee Michelle Nunn, will rubber stamp any initiatives of the President. Apparently the Democrat election Committee have sent into the State a number of seasoned campaign Democrats and this morning, 2 weeks before election , polls show her ahead.

David Perdue has had an opportunity of presenting to the voters of this State some meaningful changes in the status quo, but none forth-coming. He could pick any of the highly publicized problems such as influx of illegals, diminished capacity of military, absence of proper care of injured soldiers, the absence of effective means to stop imported Ebola Crisis, dismantling of Obamacare, plus a push to lower taxes, but nothing meaningful with reference to the myriad of problems we face.
His latest campaign ads reminds the voter Michelle Nunn will support policies of President Obama and ends ad by saying, “I won’t.”

It appears Republican elected in power doing little of anything, aside from all time investigating, to stand up for change in the direction this country going, and I haven’t heard any fiery hearth-felt speeches with promises of solutions coming from  any-place, not from the ones in Congressional seats of power not from the new hopefuls, expecting to go to Washington.
The bottom line question for voters is, what are you voting for? And what do you expect to happen as a result of your vote?

If the two Georgia candidates both vying for a Senatorial seat in Congress have neither one presented a proposed platform of change from the current direction to something meaningful in line with the tenets of the Constitution, why are you voting in the first place? If one Democrat Michelle Nunn plans on following Obama policies and The Republican candidate David Perdue has presented no  clear-cut plan of opposition to current polices and his response to her is, I’m not for it. All reminds me of a campaign slogan a few years ago, “Where’s the Beef?”

There’s a peculiar lull in the atmosphere, and coming across in news reports. Republican Congressmen doing nothing meaningful, just talking and investigating, and candidates offering nothing new, while the people waiting in the wings for change in the November election just two weeks away. It’s just an illusion projected from pundits in the press.

Are we living in a modern day “fools paradise” or what? More news attention on the latest notion, haz-mat costumes going to re-place Cinderella and Sponge-Bob for Halloween than any, thoughtful re-action from the people over the absence of answers to our current across the board problems.

There’s a certain truism to the old notion, “The government of the United States never very far behind nor very far ahead of the Tempo of the American people”. And never more obvious than today as the people sit back and accept whatever the elected regime in Washington dishes out. Now ready to march to the polls and vote for more of the same. Michelle Nunn saying, “I defer to the President”,  and her Republican opponent responds with, “She will and I won’t”. If it were not for the seriousness of the matter, it would be laughable.
This morning news Michelle Nunn now ahead of Perdue in the polls. Not because she is promising anything aside from deferring to policies of Obama, but because her Republican Candidate David Perdue, has articulated  no  meaningful alternative to her campaign rhetoric. And the fault lies with the people who vote for not demanding more in the way of solutions to our current problems. We are where we are because the people voted us where we are today.

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