The much anticipated hyped up mid-term election just around the corner in a few days. The Do-nothing Republicans, vying for the seats of power held by the Democratic party in Congress. Promoted in the controlled news media as some kind of battle between good and evil, having some difficulty raising interest in awareness, this up-coming election is your chance to make a difference in conditions and direction this Nation now headed. How do you do that?
Advertised polls already open here in Georgia to lull the ” group-think”  crowd to hurry up and make yourself heard and counted. A propagandized push to entice the individual into believing their vote will make a difference. Playing the emotional fiddle, your ability to vote is your privilege and duty. Promoting the illusion we the people can vote ourselves out of the ditch voted into being.
In the past, I dare-say we have had some interesting and colorful political candidates running for office, but here in the State of Georgia, the current Senatorial race between Republican David Perdue and Democrat  Michelle Nunn is the most lack-luster boring campaign I’ve ever heard in the history of Georgia politics.
My office is in the front part of my house and my kitchen in the rear, with dining room where television stays on in-between. Therefore as I walk through frequently during the day I hear on-going news in the back-ground. Pop-up campaign ads televised with regularly. The repetitious ads  show David Perdue saying he has spent his life promoting out-sourcing jobs to other countries, followed by an ad of Michelle Nunn, saying she defers everything to the President.  Then  President Obama appears on the screen reporting he’s not on the ballot but his Policies are.
At least in the past, we heard fiery campaign speeches making promises of proposed changes by those hopefuls seeking the seat of power in state offices and Congressional seats. But such is not the case in today’s build up to the November election. The candidates want your money for these campaign ads and your vote of approval for their absence of any solutions to all the unfavorable conditions we face in this country. My question is why is anyone bothering to go to the polls to vote this into power over their lives and property? Not only that voting into power over your neighbors life and property.
When in fact you have an opportunity to object and show your disapproval to current conditions by staying home and not entering the secrecy of the ballot booth to dignify such as you are hearing in their campaign ads. The power you as an individual has in the current conditions is withdrawal of your consent to the on-going onslaught on your individual Freedom and private property ownership.
I remind the reader: in Germany towards the end of the Hitler regime, he ordered armed guards with guns in armored trucks to go among the people and forced them to the polls to vote him into power. Which is a reminder, the totalitarianism of a political regime requires your stamp of approval to sustain and retain the grip of power over the citizenry.
The media hype to convince the people we can vote ourselves out of the conditions we have voted ourselves into is not true, just propaganda to further entrench the centralized power in Washington, whose obvious aim is dismantling America to pave the way for a One-world system of political government.
At least give the two Georgia Senatorial candidates  credit for not promising to do anything when elected to switch gears and change the course of the march to Socialist totalitarianism. Why are you kidding yourself into believing some illusory fantasy when neither one have promised anything to change anything. Neither candidate have any record of accomplishments in the past which have been beneficial to the voter. If so what is it?
If neither have any record of past actions beneficial to the voter and no platform of promise of any beneficial proposals, why go vote for someone to sit in a seat of power to rule and take your money via more taxes?  What you can do is hear yourself heard in this election for the 2016 Presidential election, by refusing to sanction a candidate who has never done anything for you in the past and no plans to do anything for you in the future.
Noone needs to listen to me. Just listen to the Candidates. One brags about his life out sourcing jobs and the other about deferring decisions for policies to the President. Your secret vote in a secret ballot booth for this will have no secret outcome, but a predictable of more of the same we have already.
So just stop and ask yourself, why you are voting? Is it just a delusion of an illusion?  Give yourself credit for being smarter than by refusing to sanction the status quo with your stamp of approval.
The power to vote to effect change has lost its stinger. Instead it just sanctions the status quo.

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