I grew up in a family in North-east  Georgia always talking and arguing about politics. Neighbors gathered to discuss and elections were discussed in school. But now-a days, aside from  newspaper and Tv coverage, not so much talk about it.
Here in Georgia, David Perdue, Republican, and Michelle Nunn, Democrat, running neck and neck for Senate power seat and Nathan Deal , Republican Governor, up for re-election against Democrat, Carter.
I’m not a political activist in the ordinary sense of the phrase, however I do write about politics and keep up with what’s going on, because its my Country, my Freedom, and the future of my grandchildren that’s at stake.
In the Senate Race, David Perdue a businessman and Republican running against Michelle Nunn, daughter of former Democrat Senator Sam Nunn,  an experienced political candidate.
A very close race, but Perdue reported ahead, until he came out in an ad saying he was proud of his involvement in out-sourcing jobs, now reported Nunn slightly ahead. Neither one making any earth shaking promises of what they plan on doing if elected, but Perdue announced his support of reducing government money into public schooling. Here in Georgia Public schools cost tax payers over eight billion annually.
And opponent of Governor Deal, campaigning with complaints about Governor already reduced government paid money into schools.
Because I believe Public schools indoctrinate instead of educate, and think education should be in free-enterprise system, my ears perk up when I hear talk about reducing tax-payer money for schools. I agree with Perdue, Constitution doesn’t provide money for schools, and glad to hear Deal has reduced government pay outs in schools
With current court cases involving a number of school officials charged with fraud in the school system, they must have been receiving much more than needed to be able to steal so much off the top of the budget. A case now on going  in Atlanta involving a number of school officials.
I’m in the minority because the majority vote for more tax money for schools. To campaign for less money for schools is about as popular as a skunk at a wedding reception. More tax-money will not improve the system of thievery the socialized system based upon, and I for one always happy to hear reduction in funds and I’m with the Governor when it comes to reducing the budget for schools. But better to cut out completely.
My grand-children, all home-schooled then enrolled in private schooling, which is expensive and still one required to pay public school taxes, not a fair arrangement, however it’s not fair to the worms for the birds to eat them.
To compound the problem, currently all those illegal children President Obama allowed to cross the border, adding another burden on those tax payers working and producing to pay for non-producers packing the  public school system.
In todays politics very little difference in a Republican or a Democrat, but anyone interested in reducing school cost ought to be of interest to any tax-payer because over half tax money collected goes to support socialized schooling as I understand it.
Governor Deal favored to win, however when it comes to strategies for winning elections, Democrats can pull more tricks out of the hat than a magician at a circus. Perdue was favored, but now iffy and if he does will be by the skin of his chiny-chin-chin. He should have kept quiet about out-sourcing jobs and unfavorable support of school money.
Because the public school system itself is a socialistic system, every nine months, millions graduating indoctrinated in socialism, and the main reason this nation is in the ditch on the verge of collapse. Can’t expect a child to spend 12 years in a socialistic system and graduate ready to adhere to the Principles of Freedom this Nation was founded upon… If you have any doubts about this read the book, “The Twelve year Sentence” for enlightenment to reality. Or just ask any Public school child what Freedom means and listen carefully to their answer..
Many folks penning their hopes on this mid-term election, however we really cannot vote ourselves out of the Fascist-communist conditions we have voted ourselves into. A Republican win might prolong the predictable out-come, but now-a days so little difference in a republican and a democrat, if put in a paper bag don’t know which would fall out first.
I decided to write this article simply because I find it interesting, Perdue & Deal seem to lean towards  reducing amount of money awarded to public schools, a good idea, but probably not a vote getting strategy. If elected will be in spite of it, not because of it.
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