As an American born and raised in this country, I have always been so proud of this country and the many and varied accomplishments of the people here. In my opinion, overall the spirit of the American people has been one of caring generosity, determined self-reliance, love of family and respect for neighbors. Working together in times of tragedy and need of help, at one time there was a general healthy respect for Life, Liberty and Property Rights.

In this vast country of seemingly unlimited resources, we the people had it all. Within the boundaries of this vast country, nature had provided all the resources to meet all our needs and hearts’ desires. From the mountains to the sea, in the farmlands and forests, air and water, everything we needed to survive and thrive was available. Then along came creative minds of technology, which have provided us with more than we dreamed of or expected, a few years ago.

In the natural order of the way things are in the Universe, anything which can work for you can work equally well against you. Now because of the extensive openness of technology and information, we have become victims of the propaganda of the information age.

The majority have abandoned the self-responsibility required to be Free, living in an era where it’s taboo to talk about it. We have embraced, line, hook and sinker the tenets of socialism, a mixture of Fascist and communist brands. Then like sheep to slaughter refuse to admit it and face the consequences.

In Beautiful America, just over 200 years ago, when this nation was formed, we were handed it all on a silver platter, but with the responsibility to sustain and maintain. And for a short period in our history we lived in a country which provided the greatest good for the greatest number, and lived in peace and prosperrity. That was yesterday.

Today we face bondage, enslavement, sickness and expiration, from an enemy that’s within, disguised as coming from without. This morning, when I awakened it hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized the impact of what’s happening, culminated by the importation of a deadly invisible disease.

We have a leader who admits his greater concern is for the people in other countries. It was the news, he’s now rounding up our healthy neighbors and family members and sending them into a foreign country, ridden with very contagious disease, while importing diseased individuals into this country, by flying them in. Which threatens the health and lives of all of us, bar none.

It was listening to weekend news about the President appointing czars to oversee imported crises, and his refusal to stop incoming foreigners from infected carriers entering this country, and the outcry in news media over this decision, that impacted on me.

It became crystal clear the problem and solution lies within the pwer of we the people, and we have set it up and let it happen by those we elected to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies.

The solution is a simple one, all we the people have to do to stop the importation is stop getting on airplanes flying in and out, and the economics of flights will shut down.

We the people have the power to stop the importation and spread of the invisible deadly disease, instead keep yelping at the leader who has made it quite clear that his loyalties lie with the African people, not the best interests of the American citizenry. Clearly we the people have within our power to stop the spread of this disease, but instead of taking responsibility for that, we have turned it over to a regime of politicians, obviously acting contrary to our best interests.

We have so abandoned our self-responsibility, we flock to the airports of incoming and outgoing flights when all we need to do to stop it is stop flying until the crisis passes. The power of the free-enterprise system will solve the problem, if we just use it. No one is forcing anyone to get on flights coming into and going out of this country, that is importing and spreading the disease.

The one person who died in Dallas from the disease flew in, then infected another, a nurse who got on flights with a fever, with concerns about spreading it. Stop going to airpports and boarding planes, until the disease crisis passes. Stop sending healthy Americans to Africa, i.e. military to expose them to the virus. We can decide to self-quarantine.

Common-sense solutions, where art thou? The out-picturing of the absurdity of our gullibility for acceptance of propaganda dished out to us 24-7, is the root cause for the predicament we now face. Why are we blaming one man in the white house for the life-threatening conditions we all now face? And why are we expecting him to have a solution when he has clearly told us, he feels Africans are his responsibility to take care of.

We the people have become so brainwashed, abandoning the self-responsibility of freedom, we have become convinced we can have our cake and eat it too. We think we can still fly and be safe and healthy, when undisputed facts reveal otherwise. Not only that, we’ve been brainwashed into believing it’s not an air-born disease. Not only is it air-born, we are flying it in and out of the country, plus spreading it around, flying it around within this country, according to news reports about the infected nurse, who caught it from a patient flown into this country.

It’s within the power of the people to stop the spread today. Stay away from the airport and don’t fly. Believe me the airline industry will find a solution in a hurry when their flights are grounded for lack of customers. Now a passenger on a cruise ship is infected. How do people board cruise ships? They usually fly someplace to board.
The news media is eerily quiet about all those thousands of illegal children which the government allowed into this country via crossing the border. Just barely mentioning that many are sick in schools.

What happerned to the backbone that once made us the greatest nation on earth? We need to overcome the wimpy attitude and assume some of that “Root, Hog, or die” determination of our founding fathers who left us the legacy of freedom, by fighting and dying for it. Now we have squandered it.

Freedom is not Free. It has always had a price tag, but a bargain at any price!

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC


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