The centerpiece of conversation, political strategy, advertised ads, books, and television shows of Democrats, for the past several years has been abortions, support of gay marriage, more political government control over goods and services in the economy, favoring the system of socialism in general over personal freedom. Because they control Congress, they have had political sway to further their agenda, in any area they chose.

The Republicans seem to have just folded their mantle, conceded to the Democrats, and do nothing meaningful to counteract the aim and actions of the Democrats. Moping and moaning, waiting for the 2016 mid-term elections to regain control of Congress. According to the highly paid pundits making predictions, it’s not going to be any automatic Democrat defeat and easy shoo-in of the Republican party.

The time worn notion, “The government is never far ahead of nor very far behind the tempo of the American people,” still rings true. And if you believe that, one must admit that the advance of socialism, both brands of Communism and Fascism, must be traced back to the acceptance and promotion by the citizenry of this country.

Very little if any meaningful resistance to all those ideas and laws enacted to support the aims and gains of the Democratic party. And the degree of acceptance by the majority exceeds any meaningful acts to change the dynamics of acceptance of the gains of Socialism over a life in Freedom.

Then along comes a terrorist organization, an off-shoot, doing the same thing only worse, than those named and so familiar in daily news reports called ISIS. Guillotine operators who have resorted to the beheadings of Americans. And it has taken those acts to shift attention away from the usual Democrat rhetoric I mentioned and awakening to some degree of that old American spirit, which prompts decent people to wake up and stand up for that which is right and good, as outlined by our founding fathers in the Principles they fought for to usher in Freedom in this country.The mantra about the guillotine operator is, “It always works” is evidenced in the news today.

This method of destruction is so abhorrent to the majority of Americans, it has stirred a desire to do something differently in much of the population. Now seeking some area of leadership to lead this nation out of the trouble we are in. However most are reeling in confusion, seeking answers from the centralized government in Washington, arguing among themselves and no clear cut answers to this current threat we face are coming out of Washington.

Prior attacks to this nation have been in the form of guns and bombs. This new threat coming from outside with evidence that those who support beheadings inside this country, present a different problem.

Obviously there is an awakening of the American to the reality of this new kind of threat, to some degree, but not yet enough to affect the mindset and game play entrenched in Washington. There’s so much disagreement among the powers at-be relative to the means of approach and effective action to counteract the very real threat, nothing has been accomplished, thus far.

In my opinion, our problem is attention on the effects of the problem and not the cause. We have accepted line, hook and sinker the tenets of socialism, which is the antithesis of freedom. Previously we have taken the necessary action to protect and preserve Freedom and our way living in Freedom, with a burning desire to step up to the plate and do whatever is necessary for protection of that way of life. Now replaced by Socialism, entirely different dynamic.

If it’s true, a way of life in Freedom has been replaced by a life in Socialism, aside from those few at the top in charge, who is willing to fight to preserve socialism? Therein lies our fear and confusion. Despite the fact our attention has shifted from abortions and same sex marriage, to great concern over this latest threat, using knives, for conqest, we must face the reality of what it is we are so angry, upset and confused about, and what it is we are willing to fight for.
The “no boots on the ground” strategy is probably because our military has been so dismantled and just a shadow of what it once was, not prepared to face the enemy to protect this nation with boots on the ground.

Plus the burning desire in young men to join to fight for this country is greatly diminished because of all the news about abandonment and mistreatment of wounded returning soldiers in this country. The disgraceful conditions recently exposed in the veteran’s administration, in the way returning wounded soldiers are treated.

To come to grips with a solution to our current crisis, now a country in fear, upset and confused, we must take our eyes and minds off the results and face the reality of the cause of how we got here in the first place, to come up with a solution.

Edmund Burke, the British statesman, said: “There is no safety for honest men, except by believing all possible evil of evil men.”

There is little fire in the belly of young men and women to join up to fight a war in a dismantled military and for a system of Socialism.
The purpose of political government is to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. And this is guaranteed with a well-trained and well-equipped military, headed by a Commander-in-Chief whose job is to insure we have this in this country.

With all the flowery speeches and televised appearances, I don’t hear mention of fighting for Freedom anymore.



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    They have forgotten how to punch hard – not necessarily in ads, but in doing mano a mano. Here are just three examples from the last several years of how Republicans have blown tremendous opportunities that were virtually handed to them gift-wrapped by various agents of the Democrat Party