We are still a young nation compared to most others. However, in the past one-hundred years, we have faced many challenges, and that mysterious American Spirit has risen to the occasion, and addressed with victory each time.

Whether it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 9/11 attack, or the swine flu outbreak, that indomitable spirit in America has faced victoriously.

In this year of 2014, it seems we a facing a myriad of challenges coming at us internally and externally. Despite some differences, in the past the majority has bonded together. Today, as I see it there is a greater difference in opinions, and a “rift between friends” relative to the challenges we face. We are overdue to get on the same page, to overcome the difficulty we face.

There has always been a sinister force element of individuals, jealous of Freedom, out to destroy Individual Freedom, Health, Wealth, and happiness. It’s an element which is insidiously devious. Acts of destruction via guns and bombs more easily recognizable than attacks on food supply, like genetic modification, and mass health scares to entice mass vaccinations.

Some may have seen the recent news item about a beautiful very young child, dying shortly after receiving a shot. Usually not much news coverage of such events. Their are periodic news reports of adverse effects of immunizations.

My Face-book friends and readers of my web-site, know how I feel about immunizations, and the story of my resistance against forced immunizations of my son. My articles relating my story are still posted on the internet.

We are currently being fed bits and pieces of information about the deadly Ebola virus. Soon you will be hearing more about a serum, administered via vaccinations. Panic is apt to set in and understandably most will be sucked into the propaganda and stand in line for vaccinations.

From the power of news via the internet and social media, anyone has access to being informed before making decisions to be vaccinated for the Ebola virus, and opportunity to take steps of prevention before the proposed outbreak, and make rational decisions before panic sets in.

I urge my readers to read reports by Ann Mum Cory, currently available on her Face-book page. She has some very startling, informative news about proposed vaccination campaign, and specifics about Ebola virus not reported in mainstream news.

Unlike past threats of extinction, this time we are privy to information about plans in the pipeline before it actually hits the population here in the United States. Information about the disease itself, the how and why of its break-out, which is still in Africa, and soon you will be hearing more about vaccination campaigns, and most likely about cases in this country.

Unlike past scare tactics of panic, this is a situation of an opportunity to be informed before hand. It’s a time to act to be informed, instead of waiting until the onus of action is upon one to react by standing in line for the shots.

It’s not my lot to tell others what to do or not to do, but highly suggesting you take the opportunity of being informed, beforehand, to be in a position of making an informed decision, prior to any future outbreak of this deadly disease of the Ebola virus.

The latest news is our government sending a group of American soldiers to Africa, in the midst of the Ebola epidemic there. I don’t know the reason for this decision. It’s the role of the military to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. They are not trained health professionals. If anyone out there knows why they are being sent to the midst of this virus outbreak, I’d like to know.

Last evening I got a robo phone call, asking if I had a flu shot. I’m past ninety years old and never had one, and no current plans to have one.

I understand the panic that sets in, when there’s an outbreak of a life-threatening disease, and the flocking to obtain shots, I just hope at least some will be informed about the possible adverse consequences shots may cause, beforehand, because information will cause one to make informed decisions to act instead of reacting.

As adults, we not only have the responsibility of decisions for our lives, but also for young children in our care. Therefore it’s our responsibility to be informed. It’s a basic tenet of Freedom, to act with self-responsibility and control.

And unless you control your own life, others will.


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