This three part series begins with posted article number 1146, the story of my battle with the State over forced immunizations. In the subsequent 3 articles, I describe how I arrived at a strategy to win the case in Federal court.

Because this great country of America is currently under such a vicious attack for transformation, which intensifies each day, I’m constantly urging my readers to stand up, speak up, stand out and do something.

To urge action from others I would be disingenuous if I suggested actions I would not do. Therefore I write about some of the battles I have waged alone, as one individual to stand up for that which I believe in, and won against overwhelming odds. Not easy, can be expensive, and subjects one to all sorts of attacks from the opposition. That element in our society among us which is empathetic with the enemy of Freedom.

When I ran into the horrors of public schools, I don’t mean to imply all the teachers are complicit in the grand scheme of things. As a matter of fact there are many good, caring and well meaning teachers. But they are not the policy makers. Needing a job, I know from talking to some, they too are disenchanted with the system of things. However forced to join the NEA, the largest union in the country, they are subject to the dictates of the powers at-be. Specifically because the system itself is socialistic, and cannot be expected to teach contrary to what it is.

There is absolutely nothing any individual can do to change nor improve the existing system, only by dismantling which could be done via local school boards, is there hopes of children being educated instead of being indoctrinated. You know the old saying, “Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Neither can you make a moral system out of the system of immorality, thievery which it is based upon. Taking from some to pay for the benefit of others without consent of the one taken from is stealing.

In my article just posted prior to this three-part series, I tell the story about how my son went through twelve grades without ever having any shots. When I say “Shot,” I mean the needle of immunizations required by the system before entrance. But can be avoided if the parent has the intestinal fortitude to stand up and resist. The fact it’s accomplished via governnment makes it no less immoral.

I suspect the laws have been changed again, however in one ruling the federal court ruled forced immunizations unconstitutional and not necessary to present a shot record nor any statement from a recognized religion. I don’t tell others what to do, but what one may do if they choose to stand up, speak out and act on convictions, contrary to the demands of the public school system.

Freedom is no free lunch and requires action to regain and sustain.That’s the nature of freedom. I did not invent the requirements, but recognize what they are.

I can testify from personal experience there’s much each individual can do to change the direction of this country.You just need to have the audacity of your veracity to begin from where you are, to change things for the better, by first changing the lane you are in.

Today my children are all grown up and my grandchildren educated in private schools and taught the philosophy of Freedom from home. I live quietly in an area at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, in peace and freedom. Quite happy doing whatever I decide and writing almost every day and enjoying my grandchildren when I see them.

Listening to the disturbing news every day, I don’t feel entitled to sit idly by and do nothing. Therefore I write articles mostly about my experiences and the glories of the philosophy of freedom, in the hopes I might stir the intellectual nettle of someone out there, to get involved in rescuing this country from the jaws of socialism.

It was in his first campaign speeches our President informed America it was his plans to transform America. I recall at the time thinking why would anyone choose to transform America when it’s a country which offered the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. But he has been instrumental in transforming. And continues as each day passes.

And the two most notable effective acts to accomplish this has been refusal to protect the borders, left wide open for illegals to flood in, and Obamacare which is socialized medicine. But he did inherit the forerunner to Obamacare because forced immunizations is socialized medicine, in effect years before he took office.

Currently there’s alot of name calling and gnashing of teeth over his decisions and actions. However I buy into the notion the decisions of political government never far behind nor very far ahead of the tempo of the people. Which brings into play the reality we are where we are because we the people have set it up and let it happen. And only we the people can reverse the direction. And requires action and not just wishful thinking, and the apathetic mind-set thinking others can do it and restore this country to sanity, and Freedom.

As Dr Phil says, the past behavior is the best predicter of the future, and our past reveals we have voted 535 congressmen into power, who do nothing to preserve the principles upon which this nation was founded. Quite the contrary, pass laws that further socialism and the incoming One World government.

While outside threats of destruction quite real, actually in reality we are crumbling from within, which sets the stage for outside forces to move in and run herd over the citizenry of this nation. Not something gonna happen but taking place today. It’s common knowledge the strong, well-trained and equipped military we once had to protect this country, has been dismantled to a great degree.

Daily news reports skepticism over policies of the President. When time, effort and rational thinking should be figuring out what to do about it. He’s stated emphatically he’s not putting troops on the ground to defend this country. To do so would mean reinstating the former stance of a strong military force, with equipment to defend. We gave away all the expensive equipment necessary in war to those who permitted the enemy to step in, take control and then use it back against us, reported in the news. So not a strategy to protect this nation, very difficult to believe. And so obvious a strategy to transform this country a child could understand it.

Let Freedom Ring
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