The series of articles I’ve been posting recently were prompted by a couple of things. My adopted grandchild enrolling in school and among the first things required to register is a shot record. And secondly my son, who was the subject of the Federal court case, when I filed rejecting the constitutionality of forced immunizations, back in the seventies, posting a Facebook, item which began: “A world of people who persecuted Anne—-.” Then yesterday on my Facebook page a post from a reader which began, “You are wrong on so many levels—.”

Anytime I receive a response from a reader, whether in comments on my website, via email, or post on Facebook, whether pro or con, I view it as representing others who may feel the same way and never bother to respond. I welcome comments, of expressions of ideas and opinions, whether they agree or disagree.

I write articles to express my ideas and opinions on various subjects to inform or entertain. The payoff for me is that it’s quite carthartic to express myself. I never write to prove anything, because I have never been able to prove anything to anyone. Proof of anything is something which comes from within the mind and soul of the reader relative to anything. I’m always quite pleased when one agrees with me but quite ok to disagree. That’s what makes horse-racing fun.

The dissenting FB response did point out, his belief it was Salk and his vaccine that prevented polio. I have no proof any vaccine ever prevented anything. There are a number of opinions that shots cause adverse health problems and even deaths.

When I filed my case in Federal court objecting to forced immunizations, one of the things I reported was a notice that the Small-pox vaccine had caused eight deaths. History shows all outbreaks of disease run a course and run out. Many survive without any kind of shots as a result of one’s own built-in body resistance to diseases.

Personally I never had shots growing up, and had chicken-pox, mumps and whooping cough. I must have had a natural resistence within my body because I have lived past ninety, and never had a flu shot. Many in my family who did have now expired. And many living who had immunizations, suffer from disease problems, some maintain were caused from immunizations.Therefore there are pros and cons over immunizations, and not my lot to advise anyone pro or con. It’s my postion to tell my history, express my opinions, and living in America, each person has the Right and responsibility to decide for themselves their best course of action.

I will remind my readers, any time anyone puts up a resistance to anything any individual does or claims which is in oppostion to government mandates, they are targets of ridicule. And public school mandates for immunizations is a government project in a government run school system, that operates on compulsory attendance laws and tax money.

After the post on FB, from a reader saying how wrong I was, I clicked on his FB site, and read a post stated his mother raised him to be a liberal. I was raised quite differently, and taught I had the Freedom to believe as I chose about politics and religion when I grew up.

Consequently I’m not a liberal nor conservative, but an independent thinker who believes Freedom is the moral route to take. With reference to religion, I was free to examine all belief systems before deciding which I believed. In this connection, I studied Mohammadism, Shintoism, Catholicism, Baptism, Methodism, and all the isms before deciding on the route I would take. With reference to my stance on immunizations, it’s a position I arrived at after a lot of thought and research, deciding I would not allow my son to be immunized.

When he says I was subjected to persecution, thats putting it mildly. Top educators in Georgia clamored to be on front page news to report I was “crazy.” Not even my family accepted my position, and no one stepped up and offered any financial help with legal fees. Aside from one chiropractor in South Carolina sent me $125.00. I bore the cost and criticism, and the price was not too high. I won the case and my son was reinstated back in school from a federal court order, without shots.

Never had any shots and never had any childhood diseases and today is a very healthy productive father of three, who are all equally healthy without immunizations.

When my FB reader supports the notion the Salk vaccine cured polio, I can only report research reports the vaccine is an extract from the pus of a Rhesus monkey, and no way would I allow that into my child’s body.

Life is a constant decision-making on a multitude of areas. I’m always hoping my reader will decide to be more informed about Freedom, and choose it over a way of life under the bondage of Socialism. It’s a choice every individual has, if they choose to exercise it by assuming the self-responsibility required to be free.

In my case of rejecting immunizations, I simply chose not to subject my son to the consequences of health problems caused by immunizations. And never regretted the decision, and the cost in money and attacks were never too high for me to take that stance. I knew going in I would face rejection and disagreements, just never expected the degree of resistance I encountered.

All that’s past is prologue.

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC


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