Several years ago, I wanted to sell some things on EBay and decided to buy a computer. My son discouraged me from buying one, reminding me I was so mechanically and electronic illiterate I had trouble operating a can opener. I retorted, if a 4 year old could operate a computer I could learn how to use one.

Lo these years later, I have difficulty operating a computer, and hardly know a mouse from a modem. I discovered the major problem is the language. This electronic age has a different language and children learn another language very quickly and not so easy the older one gets. Therefore the computer language is one of the roadblocks for me trying to operate a computer.

I have from time to time in previous articles suggested the reason so many are ignorant of what’s taking place in this country is because they are ignorant of Dialectic Materialism, which is a philosophy that uses a different meaning of the language. A concept of evolution and emergence of a new and different way of thinking, frequently using ordinary words with non-ordinary meaning. And those at the top of the heap out to transform America, are very adept at dialectic materialism.

Based upon the writings of the authors of the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Engels. It was understood and embraced by Stalin of the Soviet Union in the thirties. The changes he initiated were physical, mechanical, chemical, biological and social, based upon Marx’s writings.

Here in the United States,the philosophy of Dialectic Materialism has been used to change the social fabric of this nation in opposition to the philosophy of freedom this nation was founded upon, without a shot being fired but with words, and changing the meaning of the language, making laws in general, which may be general or specific changes brought about via words, which changes activity then changes circumstances.

From time to time specific events have brought about drastic changes and one era of big changes came about as result of the Korean war, and all we need to do is review our history in the sixties to know that. And it was born out of the technique of “brainwashing” used by the Koreans on captured American soldiers, a methodology of using language.

Techniques of torture which included techniques of language. Changing the mindset of a young American man from love of Country and Family to one of hatred of the mother, to use for propaganda purposes was a different technique, using the language. The result was the young soldier became a tool, to spew forth obscenities against the mother and country. He was brainwashed to hate the mother using torture and the language.

That which had been popularized and taught in schools in Russia used by the Koreans, stemming from the teachings of dialectic materialism in the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto.

These brain washed soldiers, after the war were sent to a facility in Tokyo, to be de-programmed. I visited that facility in Tokyo and have written before about the de-programing of Dr. Meyer. I was in Tokyo in the fifties after the Korean war.

The process of change and where we are today in this country has come about via dialectic materialism. The changing of activity by changing circumstances, using the language to effect this change. It is diabolical and insidious, but effective.

To understand the current happenings in this country, one must understand the Philosophy of Dialectic Materialism. And the Philosophy of Freedom, and neither are taught in the public school system. However the history of materialism is available in books and writings, available to anyone who chooses to learn about it.

One very interesting and informative television show is Megyn Kelly on Fox news, who recently interviewed some of the radicalized individuals from the sixties, revealing their stories and their mind-set. Some shows are re-played from time to time. I was married to an air-force pilot who spent a year in Korea during the Korean war, and heard some firsthand stories about that conflict and events.

The war we are in currently is a direct result of the conflict between two ideologies, specifically the Philosophy of Freedom and the Philosophy of Dialectic Materialism.

As Dr. Phil says, The best predictor of the future is one’s past behavior.



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