I’ve been writing articles on my website about eight years. Now over one-thousand posted and many, many comments. I have written on a variety of subjects. I have pretty much steered away from writing about Religion and sex. However, because so much in the news lately, reports of heinous acts, news reports based upon ones religious beliefs.

In the slew of comments I’ve received, sometimes disagreement with my stance, and sometimes strong difference in ideas, which is ok. If one chooses to disagree, welcome to do so. I also express idea, opinions, and advertise my website on Face-Book. Only recently, out-right vicious attack. One reader wants to ship me to Africa where there’s an Ebola epidemic. Obviously upset over my writings.

An interesting area of disagreement some use is the subtle method of a question. Parents frequently use it in relationship to their children. This method of disagreement can come across as sardonic, derisive, and mocking.

We have Freedom of speech, which includes Freedom to Question. In the past eight years, I have consistently claimed we have been at war. A war of Ideas. The conflict of ideas has  manifested in killings and recently I penned an article suggesting Congress should declare war.

Currently news dominated by all manner of illegal acts perpetrated in side this country, from flood of foreigners entering illegally, to murder of beheading, news reports, some  based upon ones religious beliefs. This is taking ones difference of opinion to the extreme nth degree. Prior to recent events, we lived in a country where generally  one could have differences of opinions without fear of their life. On the other hand, we can still have differences in opinions without fear of bodily injury or death, which is a good thing to be able to express differences, but no guarantee.

And old joke I heard years ago about a man who said he was happy everyone was not like him or everyone would want his wife!!

I recently re-posted a link on FB. And article with a title about Harvard University accepting illegal students and awarding illegals with scholarships. One reader posted a question which read, “How is this bad? Harvard is a private school.” Harvard University touted as one of the top law schools in the country, giving scholarships to illegals, and some questioning why it is bad. I view it as a sardonic question.

Among the most ignorant usually understand ‘illegal’ means un-lawful and violation of official rules, and can be viewed as a crime.  And I don’t know of exemptions because a facility is a private college. I know this question, “Why is that bad” comes from an intelligent individual, and comes across as one of those derisive, mocking type of response to a report of illegalities. Ludicrous question to me, asking why its bad for a college to be awarding scholarships to illegals entering this country.

A revelation by the college and the question, which causes me to no longer wonder why this country is in such a state, on verge of collapse, instead,  my question is, “why not’?

Quote from James Thornton, The New American, 1996, ” Before the creation of the welfare State, Immigrants who came to this country were for the most part attracted but America’s reputation as a land of freedom and opportunity.  Laws and customs required immigrants to carve out their individual destines by their own labor, perseverance, intelligence and determination.”


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