There’s enough stuff written about President Obama, good, bad, and indifferent, to fill  a local library. In books, magazines, newspapers, and social media, never has any president been reported on to the extent he has, topped by his continuing speeches and televised appearances, he dominates the news like no one before him.

However, before him, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was no slacker when it came to being front and center in the news. However, he did not have television nor the social media so prevalent today. He used radio extensively particularly with talk he described as “fireside chats.”

I’m not into astrology per se, just read a smattering about it and it does seem the month we are born into and the sign we are born under does out-picture to some degree, at certain times with some folks. As I read in the news the President  has a birthday in August and his sign is Leo which is Lion symbol. According to those into astrology  suggest a characteristic is one can roar like a lion or scratch like a cat or purr like a kitten.

I’m familiar with that syndrome because I’m born under the sign of Leo. I can’t speak for others but I know as for myself, I can switch from one mood to another. And I’m quite set in my ways relative to the things I believe in and the things I don’t believe in, which is not dependent  up-on what others think. I can be head-strong and un-compromising if I believe I’m right, unless someone proves otherwise.

When I say in my title, ” A one wing President and takes two to fly,” I suggest from the manner he comes across, to me he is headstrong and determined to have his way and set his course regardless of what Congress says and does,  regardless of the consensus of the people, and most importantly, regardless of what the Constitution says because he is the President and Commander-in-Chief of the military, he does have a lot of power to act as he chooses but not a la cart to act and decide contrary to the Constitution.

He is smart, well educated, and a charismatic speaker. So why has he suddenly become unpopular? And why are so many disenchanted and disapproving of him after electing him the second term? He apparently sings a different tune and dances to a different drummer, out of step with the majority. From all reports of his background and history he was raised in a different environment than most in this country. His growing up years were outside the continental United States for the most part.

He describes much about his up-bringing in the books he has written, and early on as he rose in popularity, much was written about him in magazines and newspapers. For example in Newsweek magazine July 2008, a very lengthy descriptive article about him and cover says “What he believes.” In the March 31 edition of Newsweek, lengthy descriptive articles and cover states, “When “Barry” became Barack.”

More stories in May 19th, 2008 Newsweek edition. And the cover says “The O team” adding, “Obama has shown he can run a campaign. He’d  better get ready for war.” Such articles as these provide a great deal of insight into the President’s  background, and what he believes, written in 2008. So here we are in 2014 and a best seller book, by Dinesh D. Souza, titled ‘America’ Imagine a world without Her,’ recently hit the news-stand. In this book the author vividly describes more about President Obama, his associates, his friends, his advisors and mentoring.

So here we are in 2014, with so many trying to figure him out, when a staggering amount of information is available to read about President Obama, for anyone to discover who he is and why he thinks and rules as he does. Just this morning I read a posted internet article titled, “Obama The Un-Challengeable, on ISIS and Obamacare”.

I can’t help but wonder, why it is he’s un-challengeable, and why it is so many have such difficulty wondering who he is, and what it is he believes And stands for, when there’s  no one in the universe been written about and talked about more than President Obama.
He flies in the direction he decides, does what he chooses when he chooses, and the majority still wondering why he doesn’t seem to listen to Congress, the people, nor the military.  But maybe he does listen, then  proceeds as he darn well chooses, in  another direction.
Early on there were some signs of what’s to come leaped out at me. In his early campaign speeches he talked about “transforming this country and things in Washington”. I wondered why any-one would desire to transform America, and I never heard him use the word Freedom in his first campaign speeches.
And the second thing which struck me as peculiar and unusual is  very shortly after his first election he went to other countries like Germany and Egypt,  gave flowery speeches to crowds of foreigners, and did not speak favorably about the United States, in my opinion. I wondered why the President did not speak up and speak out about the greatness of this country and all the out-standing accomplishments of the American people to those of other countries.

Actually if all the folks still trying to Figure out President Obama, if they haven’t by now it’s unlikely they will. However, instead of spending time worrying and trying to figure out what he’s doing and going to do, if the people would use that time and energy figuring themselves out and the role they have played in the sorry mess of things, not only in this country but around the globe the world is in turmoil with extensive health and economic problems, and decide each of us can make a difference in improvement, things might improve. One man did not bring this country to the brink of disaster which looms over us today.

We should consider viewing our problems and solutions like one is taught in Alcoholism recovery, not an individual problem but a family problem. So it is in this nation, not the total cause by one man despite the fact he’s the leader of the country, but a National Family of the Citizenry Problem, to buckle down to turn things around to restore this great Nation back to the founding father Principles, to recreate a situation which furnishes the greatest good for the greatest number we once had in this country which was the envy of the world.

We lived in a country most everyone wanted to move to. The change has been so dramatic, now a country more than one group wants to annihilate us and now actively organized with a threat to destroy this country. Why have our defenses been so weakened, and our military so dismantled, to a point anyone dare make the claim, they were coming after us and planting their flag in the White House. And to make the point they mean it , beheading American Citizens…Shocking un-mitigated gall to make such threats and perform such heinous acts.

Now protection of ourselves and country is the business of everyone, and not a time the President should present himself as having the sole power and responsibility and winging it. This nation needs the support of Congress, the Military, and the people. And the President needs to listen to all sides and include everyone in his plans to move forward to defeat the enemy. As the elected leader, it’s his role to lead and not arbitrarily make decisions single handedly without the support and approval of  others, because we are all in this  battle of protection of the people and country at this crucial juncture in our history.

Let Freedom Ring
Just Me AC

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