Most psychologists and psychiatrists agree in the hierarchy of needs. over and beyond the need for food , clothing and shelter, one needs attention. This can be observed particularly in children, who act out with negative behavior for attention, to promote attention, whether the response is negative or positive.

Our preference is for positive attention, but absent that, negative attention for some is more important than being ignored. Not only can one observe it in children, politicians are quite adept at attention-grabbing, any way they can.

I felt prompted to write about this subject this morning because of a post on my Facebook page by a reader named Ron, a man I had not ever heard of before. He posted on my FB page, in response to a post with pictures of mine relative to the Ebola virus outbreak. His post stated, “I am volunteering your Bod to Africa to confirm the Hoax.” Then stated, “I will pray for your tortured soul and that is a stretch considering I am an atheist.”

First thing I did was check his Fb page and on it was a post from Ron, which said his mother taught him to be a Liberal. My first thought was, while Ron’s mom was teaching him to be a “liberal,” my mother taught me some manners. Such retorts as his post about me, first off are very bad manners and poor judgment to advertise that kind of judgmental, derogatory criticism towards me because his stated Liberal teachings are quite different from mine.

Instead of responding to any idea I project with intelligent difference of opinion, Ron responded with very negative nasty type response. Which got my attention to respond with this article. Specifically because the past eight years of posting articles, no one has ever responded with that kind of vicious verbiage before. But not the first time I have read such vitriolic posts on Fb about others.

Because we are living in such dangerous, threatening times, lurking all around us, it behooves those of us who respect the lives, property and Rights of boundaries of others, to speak up and act positively . So many disgruntled individuals, frustrated and fearful, it’s a time to be informed with a quiet resolve to stand firm, on universal Principles, and positive personal values.

Coming out of the blue, personally attacking me with accusations, is indicative of the rabble-rousing style of many Liberals in general and a great many in particular, as evidenced on liberal, left wing socialist news networks.  In my opinion a learned behavior, for attention grabbing as a ploy of fear tactics to enhance their desire to rule over others. Not a rare quality but quite pervasive in today’s society in this country. A sinister force loose on a crutch as evidenced in daily news reports.

What can we do about it? First we can and must return to common decency of individually respecting the boundaries of rights of others, which include all their property ownership Rights, beginning with respect for one’s body, safety and Rights to one’s reputation. And one’s reputation is about what “Others” think. To publicly proclaim written inflammatory remarks towards another arbitrarily, without cause, is one of the major causes inciting so much destructive activity in this country.

Ron owes me an apology, and owes it to himself to switch his thinking, believing he has a la carte behavioral rights to cross the boundaries of another as he did towards me with his FB post. His stirring stick mentality is one of the major causes we have a proliferation of destructive behavior among us today.

It’s not to say we should not be speaking up and speaking out in protest of destructive decisions and actions around us, quite the contrary, we should stand up against the onslaught of destructive acts. I’m one with high regard for the rights of the property boundaries of others. On the other hand have no qualms about criticizing those who arbitrarily trespass. And I consider Ron’s published remarks an act of trespassing. His remarks reveal who he is, not me.

I’m not one to allow another to run herd without provocation and sit idly by, hence this article addressing his actions. Simply because anyone who projects his brand of attitude, does not usually wake up one morning out of the blue and decide to spew his type of rhetoric on another. It’s something one has been doing and getting away with, long before he targeted me. Usually a pattern of behavior for attention.

From Benjamin Franklin comes this quote: “The Ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. These measures never fail to create great and violent jealousies and animosities between the people favored and the people oppressed.”
Let Freedom Ring

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