Social media and Facebook in general is a fantastic place to stay informed about what’s taking place in this nation. Filled with expressions of all that’s good, bad and indifferent, what a fortunate era we live in, to be privy to news as it happens, coming from ordinary citizens out there among us, reporting on everything from A to Zizzard. Some just boring trivia, mixed in with eye-popping real news items.

This morning a post about parents in Tucson, in an upheaval over Muslims being allowed to pray in public schools and Christians being prohibited from praying in the public school system.

A reminder the public school system is a government operated system paid for through taxes. Costing billions in the fifty states it does not educate but instead indoctrinates, because it is a socialistic system. Here in the State of Georgia, school system largest budget costing close to ten billion annually. A system which operates on compulsion beginning with the compulsory attendance laws.

I discovered how it operates back in the sixties, removed my children and home-schooled when it was not acceptable to home-school.

The problem in Tucson is a problem over prayer in schools which crops up periodically. I’m always amazed to hear parents have not learned there’s nothing they can do to improve public schooling. It’s a system that operates on the stolen funds via taxes.Those without children in school are forced to pay for those who are. Taxes by definition a system of thievery and stealing is immoral. Therefore a system of immorality, overseen by the National Education Association, the largest union in the United States.

Before removing my children, I thought there were things I could do to improve the system way back then and I can report there’s nothing anyone can do to improve the system itself. Only by dismantling and replacing with a different system in free-enterprise can there be improvements. This could be achieved by beginning at the local level through school boards. A daunting task to consider. Indoctrination is free and education is costly.

Any religion, regardless of what it is, should be taught in churches and in homes and never in schools under any conditions. Certainly not in a government mandated system. Violates separation of church and state, a Constitutional matter.

Because the public school is a socialistic system, it teaches socialism, because the system is socialistic. Its teachings are in opposition to individual freedom. It’s all in the text-books in general and social studies text in particular.

Because every nine months, millions graduate from the socialistic teachings, many register to vote and stamp approval on government socialistic programs. To change the course this nation is on it must start with public schooling. No point in wondering how we got to where we are in this country. A way of life under socialism instead of Freedom begins from teachings in public schools.

I did not invent this, I simply discovered it, when I became disenchanted with the treatment and teachings in the system. And so can you, as a parent of a child enrolled in the public school system. As many have discovered, evidenced by the existence of so many private schools and parents home-schooling now-a-days.

No point in wasting time and energy battling religious teachings in schools that are only the tip of problems in public schooling. Resolving that issue in no way changes the larger problems and issues.

An enlightening book to read titled “The Twelve Year Sentence.” Radical views of compulsory schooling. Edited by William Rickenbacker.

The place to begin a solution to your problems in public schools is by enlightening yourself with information and there’s plenty available.

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