The world we live in to-day is quite different than 20 years ago, 40 years ago, or 50 years ago. Some things seem to change over-night and appear different today from yesterday. And yet some things never change.
Living in this information age, an era of instant messaging, lightening speed news flashes, everything can seem cool, calm, and collected one minute, and all hell breaking loose the next.
Living in this era of computerized social media, millions around the globe involved in such modern day phenomena as Face-Book, from my perspective, I’ve pretty much divided into two categories: Those who desire to be looked over and those who wish to be over-looked. Some vacillate back and forth between those two areas of desire.

I’m pretty much in agreement with the premise there’s an individual “need” for attention which frequently exceeds the need for food, clothing, and shelter, out-pictured in social media when one creates a post about their trip to the grocery store, or re-modeling their home, or reports the number of laundry loads they did today.
I personally enjoy being around small children. I teach them and they teach me. It’s amazing how territorial some are and quite interesting to observe the importance they attach to a play-mate. My 8 year old grand-child, is happy having her best friend playing with her exclusively, and can get totally bent out of the frame when in the company of other children and her “best friend” pays more attention to others than her. That desire for attention from others soon crosses the line from desire to what appears to be a “need” we can observe in children.
In this era of social media, there’s a certain element seeking attention by constant posting of boring trivia, then there are some who lead interesting lives and report their activities in an interesting and entertaining manner.
Then there’s a rather large element of society on the government dole enjoying all kinds of government funded entitlement programs, disability checks, food stamps and etc., wrestling  between two factions of a life-style of living off the sweat of the brow of others in secrecy and their hunger for attention and recognition. Social media provides a remedy because they can write and reveal an image of themselves to others quite fictional, while projecting an image of themselves quite different from the reality of the secret lives they live.
Many have become quite adept at keeping secret their secret lives, and at the same time accommodating their un-met needs for attention via social media. It really is a testament to the ingenuity of the American people to acquire what they want without working for it, and  using ways and means to accommodate their desire and need for attention from the energy of others. It’s a mentality which seeks to be over-looked for a life-style  of taking from others and being looked over for the other side of the coin which is a feigned fantasy.
We are living today in a country which is extremely deep in debt. A once most powerful nation in the world, now a dismantled military might. Open borders invaded by illegals, education replaced by indoctrination. Once the most advanced health system,  now replaced by high-priced confusion. Drug use prescribed legal and illegal rampant in this country. Absent moral leadership according to the Principles of law this nation founded upon, and well organized terrorist groups now telling us they are already among us in the White House and communities.
But nothing has dampened that human trait for attention. The majority getting a full dose via the negative destructive actions of the rabble-rousers. Some of the same ones stirring up trouble that were there in earlier years, of race baiting. Let a problem arise in a small mid-western town and those old time worn attention-getters come out of the wood-work and appear on scene to lead and promote rioting and property destruction.
We have apparently not yet learned the lesson of the extent some will go to, to satisfy their appetite for attention. Instead of seeking and acquiring  attention via positive acts of creativity, the pervasive notion among many, is to jump into the middle of a small local problem and amplify by adding fuel to the fire with civil-unrest rhetoric, a sure method of head-line grabbing attention which always  works for them.
As surely as the desired results always works for the guillotine operator, there’s an element of stirring stick rabble-rousers in this country always sitting in the wings when a problem arises to be there to grab attention with a microphone in hand to jump out of the crowd and do the same thing they always do to grab head-line attention. A feeding frenzy to accommodate their isational appetite for attention.
Before we can find a solution to the worst dilemma this nation has ever faced since its inception after the Revolutionary War, we must take an objective look at the extent many willing are to go to satisfy their inner urge for attention. That is the passive aggression nature of some to accommodate their insational appetite for attention.
Early on in our history, men with natural in-born leadership rose up from the ranks, but are lacking that today.
Here’s a quote from 2nd president John Adams: “I must study politics and war, that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. Our sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture in order to give their children a Right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary tapestry and porcelain.”
Let Freedom Ring
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