As summer vacations wind down, children start back to school, politicians campaigning for re-election in mid-term elections. The President running back and forth from vacation golfing, to White House, war raging in Iraq, race rioting still happening in this country, with added problem of invasion by illegals.

We in this country keep recycling old problems while adding new ones. The war in Iraq is like a revolving door, and almost daily we hear a new name of some terrorist group added to the mix. This morning the name Yazidis was added to the list. We are dazzled by the footwork of the language, the cause of conflicts, and this whole country in a state of confusion relative to the stance of our government on any given subject headlining the news.

As confusing as conditions appear, there’s a pattern to all that’s taking place here at home and abroad. For example, when saber-rattling of war starts ringing loud and clear with another country, the on-going civil rights movement in this country repeats what it has done over and over to grab headlines. Such as the connection between Ferguson Riots and the Iraq war. A diversion of news away from Iraq and our involvement there.

Another civil rights upheaval alongside new break-out of war in Iraq, while Washington politicians are on leave campaigning for November election, and the President is on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, propaganda mills running overtime with such created news as indictment of a Texas Governor.

Here in the State of Georgia politics, there’s a Senatorial race to fill the vacancy of Saxby Chambliss. David Perdue, running on a platform of replacement in Congress by a newcomer, a Republican, campaigning against Michelle Nunn, a Democratic daughter of former Senator Sam Nunn. Her campaign slogan, “Washington needs Georgia.”

Stop and think about that for a moment. Neither one saying anything meaningful to change the direction of this nation. One saying elect me because a city needs the state, and the other saying elect me because I’m a newcomer. With one additional mantra, Michelle Nunn states she defers things to President Obama. How non compos mentis is that?

From where I sit and observe, it appears this great and wonderful country of America, is in the worst shape and the greatest danger currently, than any events of the past. We are reminded daily, terrorist organizations are already entrenched in this nation, preparing to take over this country. What assurance do we have that such is not the case?

The only voices I hear crying out for help, change and direction is Governor Perry of Texas and former Governor Huckabee, on his weekly program. All those 535 Congressmen, the President, plus new hopefuls trying to get elected, act like they’ve been hit with a stun gun. No game plan to save this country. No ideas, no guts and no direction to salvage the mess they have made, while the world seems to be on a path of global war.

There is one other person speaking up and speaking out and thats Judge Jeanine. She can tell it like it is with the intestinal fortitude to speak up and speak out. Thanks to Fox News for airing Perry, Huckabee and Judge Jeanine. Rick Perry appears to be the only one acting to secure the border. And for that he’s becoming the front runner as a Presidential Candidate.

The crisis we face today is so critical, we can’t wait two more years without acting to turn things around today. 2016 will be too late. This nation is in dire need of a leader, to pull us out of the worst conditions we have ever faced before. And the people of this nation must wake up to the reality of the takeover of this country we face today.

I don’t know who that leader is, who will rise up from the ranks to lead, however as I see it today, Rick Perry is the one elected official taking a stand to turn things around in this nation. Now he’s under attack by the powers at-be determined to destroy to make way for a One World Government. We must not allow that to happen.

We are at a crossroads today, in this year 2014 and the path of the future is only one of two things, Freedom or Bondage. Those are the only two options we have. There is no in between.

Karl Marx, the father of Communism said: “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be state institutions, at state expense.”




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