The race rioting dominating the news in the small town of Ferguson, Missouri, is all so deja vu of the sixties race rioting in the South, particularly Atlanta and Birmingham.

Like most others talking and writing about events, my observations are based upon what I see and hear over news reports. The coverage is so extensive by so many different reporting situations, if one pays attention, can arrive at a pretty good analysis of what’s taking place. So many videos and interviews of so many on-scene events, anyone can arrive at a conclusion with an opinion.

For me personally, I view the events from the standpoint of Rights, Freedom, and Property ownership. The news begins with the killing of an 18 year old black male teenager, by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, a small town reported to be 75 percent black residents.

The 18 year old, a 290 pound black male was walking down the middle of the street in Ferguson, when confronted by a local policeman and told to get out of the street and on to the sidewalk. According to reports, a defiant attitude and altercation between police and teenager followed, resulting in the young black man being shot and killed.

Just before the shooting took place, videos show the teenager, Michael Brown, inside a local store stealing merchandise and shoving the clerk around. Showing a store clerk half the size of Michael Brown, shoved out of the way as Brown walked out of store with stolen loot in hand.

The theft and altercation called in to police and the call was received by local policeman Darren Wilson, patroling the street. He saw Brown with a friend walking in the middle of the street and stopped and told him to walk on the sidewalk. Brown resisted the police order.

Results from three autopsies thus far report, Michael Brown had drugs in his body. The problem began when this 18 year old individual decided to walk onto the property of the store owner and trespass by taking property, walking out without paying and physically shoving the clerk aside.

The policeman in his vehicle outside, received the robbery report and from his vehicle told Brown to get out of the street onto the sidewalk, and Brown became confrontational with the policeman and resisted. Some physical scuffling ensued, resulting in the policeman shooting Brown six times and killing him.

So who is this 18 year old, 290 pound black male teenager, walking around drugged up, shoving, stealing, and being confrontational with police in the middle of the street? Did he attend local school? Has he ever held a job? Who pays for his drugs? Has he ever done anything in his life to contribute to his wellbeing and requirements of food, clothing and shelter? Have others, parents and taxpayers supported his 18 years of life, walking in the middle of the street he has never contributed anything to pay for. Taking merchandise from a store owner he never paid for. Bullying the police who simply ordered him to get out of the street and on to the sidewalk. An order to protect his life and lives of others.

The policeman from his vehicle, did not know if the subject had a gun, knife or any kind of weapon. He suspected him to be the robbery suspect reported via radio, and saw him violating the law by walking in the middle of the street instead of on the sidewalk. One who had just commited a crime of stealing in a local store and shoving the store clerk.

All that subsequently happened, Brown’s death, resulting in an entire town protesting in the streets, outsiders flocking to Ferguson to further inflame, destroying property, with guns and bombs, resulting in National Guards being called in to protect the citizenry and property.

All of this is the out-picturing of what’s taking place across this country, which simply reached a boiling point in the little town of Ferguson, Missouri. Simply put, a large percentage of population in this country not working, producing nothing, just walking around taking that which does not belong to them, clothed, fed and housed by producers who are working, spending their time all drugged up, taking and raking from others as if they are entitled to their property.

That store owner 18 year old Brown stole from and shoved aside, was paying taxes for his schooling, protection, and upkeep, most likely. Plus paying taxes to pay salary of policeman patroling the streets, to protect life and property, when confronted by a 290 pound bully on drugs, acted in defense of his own life, when 18 year old Brown resisted police orders.

Police officer Darren Wilson had already received the call via radio, Michael Brown had stolen and physically accosted the store clerk, just prior to his confrontation in the street. Why would he not suspect this young 290 pound black male, would accost him? Obviously Michael Brown did not adhere to orders, walk away and proceed on the sidewalk, instead when shot he was facing officer Wilson, and did not shoot him in the back as first reported.

A very tragic situation for all involved, the victim, the parents, the store owner, the policeman, and all the destruction and cost of property damage which has taken place since.

All that has happened since it began, is simply the effects of the underlying greater problem in this country, so pervasive and ongoing, which is specifically disregard for property Rights of the haves, by the takers, rakers and shakers of the have nots, those not working and producing for their upkeep, assuming they are entitled to take the property of others.

Resulting not only with property loss, but loss of lives for some. It’s all deja vu repetition, which continues to happen over and over, for the same reason with same results.

In essence it all boils down to an understanding of the meaning of Freedom. Which is self-responsibility and self-control. Those deciding to take that which does not belong to them, irresponsible and defiantly out of control. A condition and decision of their own volition. Which sets in motion, more than one victim, shown by results of actions.

Quote from John Taylor Ghatto, school teacher for 29 years: “Government schooling is the most radical adventure in history. It kills the family by monopolizing the best times of childhood and by teaching disrespect for home and parents.”



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