For the past two weeks, Ferguson City riots in the State of Missouri have pretty much dominated the news. The case of a local policeman shooting an 18 year old black man and killing him, prompted rioters to converge on Ferguson, and join in on the destructive rioting. Many were arrested, a great deal of local property destroyed, and local police were taunted and attacked by bottles of urine thrown at them.

Governor Nixon called out the National Guard to handle the crowd. The President came off the golf course long enough to send his top law officer, Eric Holder, to Ferguson to meet with law enforcement and the people there.The most significant thing I’ve heard from the Attorney General visit is his quote, “I side with the people of Ferguson.”

What does that mean? What is the side of the people there? It’s this sort of meaningless rhetoric, we the people are hearing from the powers at be in Washington, relative to any and all happenings to the citizenry of the people of this country.

In this mornings news, an item relating the story about a young black man witness to the Brown-Wilson shooting, being arrested for filing a false report to the police, relative to what he observed. In other words he fabricated a lie about what he witnessed. A local resident of Ferguson. Is this one of the local folks the Attorney General of United states is siding with?

News reports, rioters, and others packed up their gear and left Ferguson, Missouri, leaving behind a path of destruction to the business buildings there. It’s reported 75 percent of the residents are Black. No doubt tax payer money will be made available to rebuild.

As the State prepares to charge the police officer, Darren Wilson, for the shooting, a grand jury convened to indict.

Residual effects of the rioting and involvement of National Guard has prompted talk and concern about police force in this country being militarized.

I have been reading some of the reports coming from the Tea Party stating the President is on the verge of declaring Martial Law across this country. If this is true, one must ask if the calling out of National Gurad in Ferguson was a fore-runner to the implementation of martial law in this country? These last few days, there has been much talk about militarizing police forces.

A reminder: political government is a con game– keep the eye on one ball while other game plans brewing in the mill. In this connection, one must stop and consider the possibility, the rioting in Missouri, which brought out all sorts of individuals and groups of the left-wing, communist-Fascist sympathizers, including members of the terriost Group ISIS that just beheaded an American Journalist.

Secondly, one must ask was the calling out of the militarized National Guard a test run for the proposal to militarize all police departments across this country? Is all the talk were hearing about The President’s plans to implement martial law?

I have heard no talk from politicians in support of restoring Law and Order via support of local Missouri Police Forces. Quite the contrary, now focus on indicting the policemen who shot the aggressive Michael Brown, now reported on drugs.

A reminder to my readers: it was a former member of current Washington political regime who said, “never let a Crisis go to waste.” In this connection, one must ask, is the game plan to use the Ferguson, Missouri riots the stepping stone to implement Martial Law in this Country?

It is self-evident the promise President Obama made in his early campaign speeches, “to transform America” already quite advanced by such actions as dis-mantling of the military, and all the other initiatives he has put in motion to transform America. Each step he takes diminishes individual Freedom and private property ownership in favor of control by a small political regime in charge in Washington.

I havent heard one word from any of the 535 member congress, now in recess back home campaigning for re-election, regarding the rioting which has been taking place in Missouri.The power to act in defense of the American citizenry lies in Congress, and they ought to be back in Washington taking care of the business of protecting this nation from foreign and domestic enemies.

While rabble-rouser rioters are destroying property inside this country, and vicious terroist groups called ISIS are beheading American citizens, Congress is on summer vacation.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said in a speech Feburary 12, 1865, “The people are the Rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to over throw the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Let Freedom Ring

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