Yes You read it Right!! Congress must declare war. Others have declared war on the United States some-time ago,While we sit idely by, as if observers and not victims of violent terroist, beheading innocent American Journalist.How far down the totem pole of demise have we slid, to sit idely by, while being attacked on all fronts?

What has happened to us here in this country, when we sit idely by, doing a bit of limited air-strikes in other countries, the tax-payers of this country have spent billions nation building, ? We were once the most powerful nation on earth, protecting ourselves and others from the onslaught of evil men, out to destroy man-kind and all the decent people embodied on this globe?

Why are we ignoring the attacks upon us,? Why have we been dis-mantling our military, and then advertising it to the world,while furnishing money and equipment to build up and support the enemy? We furnished Iraqu with the best most expensive military equipment, then abandoned for the terroist group Isis to move in, take over, using the equipment we left to use against us. Now caputuing American Citizens, beheading with flagrant display to the world. Bragging about how they have already taken up residency with in our borders here in the United States.

We have a President who has become an apologist for the do-goodism of the American people, and the generoisity we have extended to so many other countries.. Leaving this nation dis-armed, like a sitting duck, for all the vultures of the world to poke, pluck, dis-arm and be-head. Then brag about coming after the rest of us.

President Obama, the Commander in chief, playing golf, and fiddling around while this country is under attack, from savage terroist, who have the upper hand with guns & equipment , ‘made in America”

And we the people placing all the blame on him, while his attitude is one of dis-interest. It is the responsibility of the 535 members of Congress to protect this country by declaring war on the perpetrators of attacks on this country, and where are they to-day? Back home campaining for re-lection, while destructive rioting inside and be-heading of Americans taking place.

Just this morning, Secretary of Defense Hegel said,” ISIS group beyond a terroist Group” An obvious observation, but whats any-one doing to stop them?

We were once a country that tolerated no crap from any-one. With great patriots like Admiral Fagerty who said: “damn the torpedos, full speed ahead’ !!. we were a people who stood up for the Principles upon which this nation was founded. But now we have become a whimpering nation, apologizing for our once greatness, while being bullyed and be-headed, by means of equipment, ‘made in America’

The leaders in the executive branch and Congressional branch of our government, have let the people of this country down. We are just sitting ducks for attack from any-one who chooses to do harm. The people of this country must rise up out of their empathy and comfort zone and resist the onslaught to this nation..

Listening to the horrors in the news this morning,I re-called the past years of my life I spent in support of a military officer thru three wars fighting for this country. World War two and a year in Korea plus a year in Viet Nam. I turned sick at my stomach, listening to the news about whats happening in this country.
Those tax-paid politicians in Washington, whose job is to protect this country from Foreign and Domestic enemies, and swore to an oath to do so, have failed miserably, to that which they were elected to do.

The viciius violent enemies of this nation and man-kind, are well aware this country is a vulnerable sitting duck, for the pluckings & pickings.The enemy knows, the powers at be in Washington, un-concerned about the future of this country.. All off on vacations while innocent Americans being be-headed with arrogant threats of more to come..

The consensus of attitudes enamating from so-called elected leaders in Washington, is one of contempt for the citizenry,and dis-interest in any ill-fated attacks by the evil of others. Its all so bizzare it seems so surreal. Conditions so bad, its difficult for the ordinary mind to perceive the reality of whats happening in this country..

If the extent of the riots in Ferguson and the behading of innocent Americans, not schocking enough to motivate the American people to rise up and demand accountability, whats it going to take?

If Congress and the President wont do it, then the people must decalare war on the evil thats gripping this nation, inside and out-side.. We either stand up to protect ourselves children and their future, or we continue sitting idely by and do nothing, while evil doers run herd over us.

In my opinion none of us are entitled to do nothing, however its our choice to sit by and watch it happen,because those out to destroy America, will never of their own volition stop the onslaught. Weve all heard the stories Germans told about how they sat idely by & did nothing, while the Hitler regime took over and came for them in armed trucks to take to concentration camps and slaughter of many.
Theres no mistake about it, we are up against an enemy that chops one head off then parades before the world on live television.. We can no longer fool ourselves by saying it wont happen here. And while this is happening, the Commander in chief playing polf & congress on vacation. and the American people asleep at the switch.

The President & Congress should have run back to Washington to declare war on the enemy and prepare to attack. Instead the perpetrators continue killingchildren and the men in Iraqu and rape the women.. While the president advertises our re-action is just limited air-strikes.

What happened to that, “root hog or die” mentality of our founding fathers, and that all out fight to win of world war two?

We were once a loving caring , & generous people, willing to stand up and fight any-one any place anytime, our way of life was threatened. but obviously not to-day. What happened to us?

From DH Lawrence comes this quote; “MEN fight for Liberty and win with hard knocks. Their children brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves'”




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