This morning, I received an interesting post on my Face-Book site from one of my readers; an admission the lady had been a life-long Democrat, now labeling herself as a two-day Republican. Explaining the switch came as a result of disenchantment over response of President Obama and law and order leader, Eric Holder, relative to the recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

The FB friend goes on to say, “I’m not in need of any social programs, so it will not benefit me to worry about the Democrats staying in office.”

I suspect this writer may speak for many others out there whose eggs have been in one basket as a life-long Democrat, now so disenchanted with current conditions we face in this Nation, now looking within themselves, seeking answers to all the destructive forces interfering with our daily lives, and some alternative to cope with all that’s happening around us this mid-summer 2014.

This nation is at a crossroads, and the time is very short as to whether we are to live in Freedom or under the boot of the totalitarianism of Socialism, either Communism or Fascism brands. Currently we’re bogged down in a combination of the two. So where do we begin un-raveling to medicate our feelings of anger, resentment, and disenchantment with current conditions and directions?

Dr. Phil says individuals can’t change that which they refuse to acknowledge. The dilemma we face is not a Republican or Democrat problem; it’s not as complicated as political parties. It’s simply a question of whether we have a future living free by accepting the self-responsibility required to be free, or a life under political bondage and enslavement.

Let’s just go back to ground zero for a moment and consider that which we “need” as human beings to survive. Everyone understands we must have food, clothing, and shelter to survive. Those are basic needs. On the other hand, some psychologist and psychiatrist maintain we of the homo sapien species have a “need” greater than those basics, specifically, a “need” for attention over and beyond a desire, but a specific “need”.

When we take an objective look at the things we and others do, the premise of a “need’ for attention emerges. The things we buy, the place we live, the friends we cultivate, the cars we drive, the foods we eat, the places we dine, the schools we attend, the churches we visit, the movies we watch, the things we join, political and otherwise, and on and on infinitum, the things we do, more often than not are for attention.

There are two kinds of attention, Positive and Negative. Most of us have a relative, friend, neighbor, or co-worker with hypochondriac tendencies, always complaining to me ailment, running to doctors and popping pills, on-going because it provides attention-grabbing.

Have you ever been in a grocery store and watched a little kid throw a tantrum, melt-down act of crying and kicking in the floor to get something he wants? The parent panders and placates till he calms down, then frequently repeats in the next aisle. All the time the kid is commanding attention, negative, but attention from the parent and others.

This brings us to the “need” many of us have to join up and participate in some kind of political party affiliation we identify ourselves with. It doesn’t take any particular brain power, education, money, or social standing to join up with a political party and register to vote. There’s no litmus test requiring one to divulge their belief nor one’s understanding of the political process. But just signing up, provides many with a sense of importance and belonging.

It’s as if there’s some great philosophical magic and mystic of knowing and being informed by virtue of the fact one is a member of a particular political party, and is labeled with political clout by virtue of the fact they are a registered voter.

We ignore all the news surrounding the voting process of all the illegalities taking place each time there’s an election. We hold ourselves to a different standard of up-righteous by adhering to all the hype about voting being a “right” and a privilege and a duty. We have been conditioned by brainwashing in public schools to think this way.

When, in essence, voting is a type of “disguised coercion”. When one stamps with approval another human being in control over their neighbors property to, rake, take, use and abuse at will because a man-made law was passed to sanction the theft, we medicate our deed by telling our selves it’s our patriotic “duty”.

Taking one’s property, any-time, any place, anywhere, without consent of owner is an act of theft. And taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property.

A reminder to my readers, it was not that long ago when Hitler ordered armed guards in trucks to go around and round up German citizens to be taken at gun-point to the polls to vote for him. This world renounced dictator needed and required the vote to sustain and support his dictatorial regime. Then after voting, some were hauled off to concentration camps.

Currently, this nation is in the ditch mired to the gills under a socialist regime that many are just waking up to. Slowly, some beginning to realize they helped bring the conditions about by voting Barack Obama into power. It seems the extensive news coverage of the Ferguson Riots and the be-heading of an American by a terrorist group has hit a nerve which has awakened some individuals to the reality of conditions taking place.

This nation of 300 million plus citizenry needs a wake-up call to begin understanding all that has already taken place. But sudden awareness something is drastically wrong is a jacks for opener’s sticker shock. It’s the beginning of an awareness of a purpose in the whole of things. Truth is that which is and an understanding of the meaning of freedom, and is the answer to our current dilemma.

If one seeks knowledge and understanding to effect changes, it will not be found inside a political party nor solved at the polls. We can only change ourselves, not others. I’m well aware I can’t stop a two-week old baby from crying if it decides too. However, that which we know, say, and do might influence another to stop think and reflect upon conditions we face today, and be motivated to change directions.

In the past seven years, I have posted over one-thousand articles on my website, Many articles devoted to an understanding of the Philosophy of Freedom, and they are still on my website for anyone to read and study who desires to understand and be Free.

In conclusion, I wish to thank FB Friend for motivating me to write this article this morning. I sincerely believe she speaks for many others whose intellectual nettle has been stirred up for change as a result of recent news about Ferguson riots and terrorist activities who inform us they are already here among us in this country, and no doubt just a fore-runner for more to come.

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC

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