On more than one occasion in the past, I’ve had discussions with teachers and students about the connection between College and Freedom. Also many discussions about public  grade school versus private school and home schooling.
Education is simply an acquisition of knowledge no matter where when or how one achieves it. From Pre-K through College much in education now-a-days is indoctrination disguised as education, by-passing teaching one how to think by teaching what to think in many cases.

In the past I’ve written several articles about the Public School system here in the United States, which is a tax supported system of Socialism, costing over 50 billion per year to operate in the fifty states.
In the past few years, private schools for lower grades have cropped up across the country. The tuition is rather expensive and the curriculum just a cut above public schools because the same promotion of Socialism is in the same textbooks.
Now-a-days, it’s legal to home-school by exempting one from the compulsory attendance laws, but there again, the same text-books for teaching required to use on home-schooled students. And the text books promote Socialism.
However one gets through grade school and desires to enter college to prepare oneself for a career in a particular field of endeavor, most face a  ways and means to meet the very high cost of tuition. Political government comes to the rescue in the majority of cases by offering tax-paid student loans. The majority of students desiring to enter college are graduates of the public school system they have attended for twelve years paid for by others. They finish high school un-encumbered by debt, desiring to go to college, facing a new challenge of going into debt, before they enter the work force in the free-enterprise capitalistic system to make a living supporting themselves.
Most have grown up hearing, or over-hearing, they live in a country of Freedom without understanding the meaning of Freedom because it is not taught in most schools. By simple definition, it’s self-responsibility and self-control, and the economics of Freedom is each individual  required to pay their way through life. And most teen agers desiring to go to college have not been taught the meaning of freedom.
However, there are a few who do, growing up with parents teaching them, it’s their responsibility to take care of themselves by working to pay their way in life once they reach adult-hood. Particularly, for those who have been home-schooled or attended private schools, parents and students face the dilemma of the high cost of college tuition.
There is a sort of vague under-lying notion among many desiring to go to college that college is private education simply because of the high cost of tuition. But such is not the case. I don’t know of any college or university any where which does not receive tax funds in some manner. They may advertise their schools of higher learning as private institutions of higher learning,  but all are on the dole to receive government tax money in some way shape form or fashion.
For the parent who has raised their son or daughter to be self-reliant with a degree of understanding of the meaning of Freedom after graduation from High-school, shopping for an appropriate college to attend, they are faced with the huge expense of tuition and life on a college campus.
To comprehend the dilemma, let’s go back to square one and face the fact: taxes by definition an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property, hence a system of thievery. And all colleges and Universities receive tax-money breaks in their operation in one form or another. Therefore, when one considers ways and means of financing higher education in a private college, their option will be which school  receives the greater or lesser tax-money support.
Let’s just say, for example, a parent has managed to pay their child’s tuition through a private grade school and is reluctant to accept government funded student loans for further schooling to avoid voluntary participation in the system of Socialism student loans based upon.
Any kind of political government funding for anything is socialistic, and the anti-thesis of the Philosophy of Freedom. However, in the era we now live, there are areas where one has no choice but to use  government  financed facilities, as example the streets and highways we must use to survive because there are no private highways to travel on.
In this connection, if there are no one-hundred percent colleges nor universities free of any government doles, attendance in any is a voluntary  acceptance of tax-funded schooling. Unlike grade schooling where one is subjected to compulsory attendance laws or face arrest, no-one is forced to attend college.
The  wrongness of thievery is not a matter of degree, but in the act of voluntary acceptance when one has a clear-cut choice not to. Therefore, a decision to attend college, with a notion of high ground morality, not to accept government financed tuition, is contradictory because the classroom they attend, despite the fact it may be hidden government doles, accepts tax moneys.
In this connection, one might as well go-ahead and accept whatever government assistance is available to lighten the load of  tuition fees instead of struggling to finance the tuition,for a college education. Sitting in a classroom which has been funded in any-way shape form or fashion by tax money, why struggle to privately finance tuition?
There may be privately funded correspondent courses to obtain college degrees. I don’t know, its been some years back when I was more familiar  with  availability of educational  courses.
Rampart College was a privately funded college which offered privately funded scholarships, and is no longer in existence. I’m reminded of the sign at its entrance which read, “Any-one who desires Freedom will find a way to have it”.
I have one recommendation for any parent of school-age children: obtain a copy of Dinesh D’ Souza’s book titled, “America”.
Imagine a world with -out her.
A reminder, every citizen in this country has a Right to Life, and if making a living to sustain it requires a college degree, I say go for it!!
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