In the small  town of Ferguson, Missouri in Saint Louis County, media attention here in the United States, and around the world, have been focused there, all because a local cop shot and killed an 18 year-old teenager,
People flocking to Ferguson in un-told numbers, News and TV cameras, rabble-rousing, stirring stick type protestors, who thrive on  racial dissension because a white cop shot a Black teenager and killed him. Then out of the wood-work comes all sorts of elected, left wing officials, stirring the pot to further inflame this small community.
The President of the United States sent Attorney General Holder to Ferguson to meet with locals. Governor Nixon of Missouri has appeared on TV with a very biased message of intervention, which has further inflamed the situation. The National guard has been called out as riots have continued through the night this past week. A tremendous amount of property damage in the small town and dozens arrested as tempers flare fueled by elected and appointed officials appearing on the news.
In the middle of this news story, another international story reported about the terrorist organization ISIS beheading an American news reporter. Plus reports of some of these barbarian terrorists appearing among the protestors in Ferguson, Missouri.
The Governor of each State is the top elected official in each state who the people look to for fair and  rational common sense rhetoric in such cases of inflamed uprisings. Instead of the Governor of Missouri taking to the airways to calm this highly inflamed upheaval, his rhetoric added fuel to the very volatile conditions in Ferguson.
I’m not a witness to actual happenings in Ferguson, and the information I receive comes from news reports, and in a nutshell, here’s what happened. A young, black 18 year old 290lb male robbed a local store and physically shoved the store clerk around as shown on a video. Perpetrator named Michael Brown.
Brown left the store and with a friend and walked down the street in the middle of the street and  met with a local cop patrolling the area named Darren Wilson. According to reports, officer Wilson had received notice over his radio the Black male had robbed a store, meeting him walking down the middle of the street stopped and told him to walk on side walk. Young Brown refused, accosted the officer and brutally beat him, hitting him in the face and injuring his eyes. Officer Wilson shot and killed him in the midst of the assault.
Subsequent autopsy reports reveal this 290 lb male had drugs in his system. He had just robbed a store and shoved the clerk around before openly defying police orders to get out of the street and physically attacked the policeman. Apparently, there are several witnesses to this altercation.
Now this case has extended to all corners of this country, and Federal State and county elected  and appointed officials weighing in on the situation, feeding into the emotional  frenzy of thousands of rioters converged upon the small community of Ferguson, reported to be 75 percent Black citizenry.
Now, a Grand Jury convened to indict officer Wilson on murder charges for defending his life after being attacked and beaten by Michael Brown…
This encounter between Michael Brown and police officer Darrel Wilson has stirred up a huge civil rights movement and protest, reminiscent of the sixties riots in the South. Now touted as a black and white issue when such is not the case,  but a case of ones rights, and has quickly evolved into being a Left versus Right issue. A political issue over property rights. What’s at stake is one’s individual property rights of Life, Liberty and Property.
A case already being tried in public opinion, as reported in the news. A condition on-going in this country, with periodic flare-ups between blacks and whites. An erroneous manufactured cause of the problems we face in this country, as everyone affected by the demise and destruction of individual rights to Life, Liberty and Property,  while this nation sinks further and further into the abysmal mediocrity of a socialistic state of enslavement and bondage.
Every individual should take notice of reports the heinous terrorist group known as ISIS  had members of its group among the protestors in Ferguson, which tells us the enemy is with-in, rioting and destroying property under the guise its a Black versus White issue. The usual type of propaganda. promoted by communist, Marxist left wingers.
The governor of Missouri, instead of going on the air with rhetoric to calm frayed nerves among the citizenry, made an inflammatory speech, the likes of which I have never heard from a sitting governor of a State .in the midst of rioting upheaval among the citizenry of the community. The tone of his speech was inflammatory.
As unfortunate as the death of an 18 year old teenager is, and as empathetic as we feel towards the parents, the facts as reported in the news reflect the behavior of Michael Brown caused his death, and the policeman acted in self-defense of his own life being brutally attacked by Michael Brown. A case of a 290 pound young man physically attacking the policeman. It was the choice of Michael Brown not to adhere to police orders to get out of the middle of the street and walk on the sidewalk, instead physically attacking and beating the policeman…an attack just preceded by the theft and shoving of the store clerk as recorded on the video of Michael Brown in the liquor store, which reveals the aggressive mood of Michael Brown just prior to his encounter with the policeman.
It all seems so peculiarly surreal after the fact, elected and appointed officials, now calling for the indictment of officer Wilson when he was performing his duty to attempt to protect the lives and property of the citizenry they hired him to do, plus exercising his right to protect his on life during the process of a brutal beating  by the aggressor.
It all boils down to one simple fact: we the people of this country have an obligation to stand up and exercise our right to protect ourselves and our property, or whether or not the moral thing to do is allow any drugged up bully to run herd over life  and property as he choses, when he chooses.

Now the question all of us face is why is it after the fact, when this angry revved up 290 pound bully charged at another, brutally beating him, was stopped with a bullet, why all the political powers at be, directing their political guns and power, at the one hired to sustain law and order, aimed to charge indict, try and convict, victimized himself via a brutal beating?
Where is the justice in this twisted convoluted sense of what’s Right and Wrong in this country?
It was Albert Einstein who said, “Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
Let Freedom Ring
Just Me AC

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