Anyone writing articles for newspapers, magazines or websites, is always in hopes of reaching a number of readers interested in the subject matter enough to return as a regular reader.

I’ve been blogging and writing articles regularly for the past seven years, and I do not have the foggiest idea the number of readers I have. What I do know is there’s been thousands of comments. Apparently, there is a type of business out there in the stratosphere designed to charge people to write comments on blog pages to advertise whatever it is the customer is selling.

I sometimes post some of these comments and have received a lot of criticism from people I know for doing that. Admittedly, there have been periods when I vehemently objected to others arbitrarily using my website, which I pay for to advertise their stuff.

It’s my desire to generate readers for my website. Hopefully, regular readers who have an interest in my subject matter, which is quite varied, but a great deal about
?t?he ?philosophy of ?freedom?.? ?It’s my aim and desire to motivate more people to become interested in the subject of ??freedom ? ?and aware of its meaning? and ?t?he ?value of it.

Despite the fact those who pay to advertise their wares on my website do so to promote whatever they are selling, I’m convinced that out of the thousands, some percentage, no matter how small, must read my articles. A few months ago, the number posted not moderated reached over twenty thousand. If only 5 percent read my articles, that upped my readership. I view readership in two categories: there’s a silent Majority and an out-spoken Minority.

I think there’s a majority of readers who regularly read generic type publications, and there’s a few out there interested in reading about ideas, whether its parenting, politics or philosophy. I’m one of those folks who likes interesting ideas about any and everything.

I read a story a number of years ago which stuck with me about a man condemned by the king to die. The king gave him a chance to live if he taught his horse to fly in six months, and the condemned man agreed to do that. Telling his agreement to family and friends, they all told him he was crazy. He explained it this way, saying, in six months he may die, or in six months the king may die, then added, who knows in six months I might teach that horse to fly.

My expectations for acquiring readers may be such a far stretched notion. I don’t really know.

I continue to post a few of my advertising comments because out of the huge numbers a very few might browse over my thousand plus articles posted. Plus the notion out of that number a few might become regular readers, which is my desire and aim to acquire a number of regular readers as followers of my website postings. And from those regular readers at least some moved to speak up and speak out about conditions we face in this country.Which sadly has been a dismantling of the noble principles upon which it was founded, replaced by the tenets of socialism, a mixture of both brands, communism and fascism, without a shot being fired.

Oscar Wilde said, “To believe is very dull, to doubt is intensely engrossing, to be on the alert is to live, to be lulled into security is to die.



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2 Responses to To Whom It May Concern (Issue 1120)

  1. I have no real idea how many people read my blog, either. I know what Google says are my “page view” numbers, but I also know most of those are Chinese SpamBots, not actual humans.

    I am thankful that since my blog is on Blogger, they catch and block almost all of the advertising “comments” automatically. I just look through them to make sure no real comments were blocked.

    But, like you, I put it out there and promote it the best I know how, hoping that it may make a difference (even if I never know the difference it makes).

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