After seven years of over one thousand articles posted on my website, a few of my readers “get it”.. What is “it” to get? Specifically, political government is a “con game” of keeping one’s eye on one ball, in the air, to divert attention away from the reality of actuality via means of propaganda. It’s the lie designed to divert attention away from the truth. For what purpose? To rule the individual, to control the masses.

How does one remove alligators from the pond? Very carefully, one at a time. By the same token, the only way to reverse our current plight of bondage, to release the grip of enslavement on individuals in a once free nation, is via enlightenment of one individual at a time. Beginning by a recognition that the system of Socialism now holds this nation in its grip, and secondly by admission it was accomplished with words, without a shot being fired.

Words are power and when words of lies, misinformation, and trickery are repeated often enough, it’s called “brain washing.” It’s a technique used successfully here in the United States, to reduce a once powerful nation to the rubble of Socialism. Now in the latter stages of takeover, lies and deception are now coming “fast and furious.” Boldy and brazendly, out pictured on nightly news, for everyone to see & hear.

In earlier times we were a nation of people acting, now we’ve become a nation, busy, busy, reacting to one crisis after another. It’s as if we’ve been hit by a stun gun, and the re-action is just moaning and complaining about the actions of the centralized power in Washington; spending time, effort and money, investigating one crisis after another. With attention on the effects of political government control, ignoring the cause.

The con game of politics, in essence keep your eye on this ball, while hiding the bottom line agenda now in full swing, specifically creating more & more crises, while promoting created news about presidential elections in 2016; about such boring candidates as Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Cristy and a slew of boring line-up hopefuls. Filling news space. Weve had enough of the Clintons & Bush and Obama. They are not the answer to our problems, they caused them.

Candidates, selections and elections are orchestrated by an invisible government, using the managed news media to promote, whoever, and whatever “they” choose. Now-a days in total control, “they” flaunt and taunt the American citizenry via a brainwashing technique; it’s the Pavlovian theory in full operation.

A reminder of the Pavlovian theory: using dogs for his experiment goes like this: to expedite salivation in dogs, each time a meal was served a bell was rung. And the dogs soon activated mouth-watering in anticipation of a feeding. When food was set before them. Normally, salivation to eat and digest food was the presence of sight & smell of the food set before the dogs. Pavolov discovered after a period of repetition, ie bell ringing accompanied by food, caused salivation. After a period of conditioning, he discovered the dogs would salivate from bell-ringing alone without the presence of food.

So it is with the tactics and strategies of political government, to orchestrate the people. One crisis after another created, to whet the appetite of the people into believing the crisis are accidental and only they, the politicians in power, have the solution to ‘save’ the people from the results of the disasters that they the politicians created. All the current created crisis is the “bell-ringing” by those in charge, to cause the people to look to the government for a solution to that which they created. They whet the appetite of the victim population by constant promotion of candidates, chosen by those now in charge, propagandizing by repetition that voting for selected candidates is the responsibility of individuals as a solution to all the created crisis that the power brokers have set up and put into motion. The words of propaganda is the “bell-ringing” technique. the dialectic materialism, of Marx & Engels, which is so effective in causing the citizenry to salivate, and act in support of the brainwashing technique.

Just as the dogs did not need to see nor smell the reality of food, to whet the appetite to salivate for the digestion process, the noise of the bell, did the same thing without the food. Actual smell & sight of food bypassed by the noise of bells.

So it is in our current conditions, the truth of reality of current events, reducing this nation to rubble, has been caused by political bell-ringing of lies, deceit and propaganda, and the majority of American citizenry, falling in line, hook and sinker for political bell-ringing.

It’s all so surreal, it seems unfathomable, we have fallen for all the crap spoon fed by power-lusting politicians, who created the problems we now face today. We, the people, thought that by electing representatives, who swore to uphold the tenets of the laws of the Constitution, would adhere to the Constitution, but they have not. Instead they have created all the crises we face today, still pitching the mantra: “just vote for me to solve the dilemma we’re in today.”

Where is the “Paul Revere’ of today, swinging the light of the lantern and ringing the bell of truth? Furthermore who’s listening, if a modern day Paul Revere rises from the ranks?

Are we too far gone down the road of bondage, to hear any bell-ringing of truth? Is the bell-ringing propaganda of crisis now so loud it drums out listening ears to the reality of all that’s taking place, as we slide down the slippery slope towards totalitarianism, like greased lightening.

Only the truth sets one Free.



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