I was living in Tokyo in 1957 when Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand hit the newsstand. I was so fired up and impacted by her writings, I had to find someone to talk to about it. But who? No one I knew had read her book, but a friend stationed in Okinawa had, therefore I would make calls to my friend in Okinawa, to discuss the revelations of her Phylosophy as I read Alas Shrugged.

After returning to the States I read everything she wrote and published, from We The Living to her Playboy interview. Her stance on individualism versus political government provides anyone with great background information to understand what is happening today.

The “slow rot” she speaks about, now so pervasive in this era of 2014, has been accomplished without a shot being fired.. accomplished via the propaganda of words.

Silence gives consent and one of the areas of silence relative to the reality of takeover via Socialism, which is replacing the Principles upon which this nation was founded – specifically Christian principles – seems to have a deafening silence in Churches now-a-days. There was a time about 20 years ago when Christian religionists spoke up & spoke out in church.

I some times listen to Sunday morning sermons on television, waiting to hear some talk about personal freedom, specifically religious freedom, but I don’t hear any preaching about it; until this morning. I happened to walk past my TV when I heard this young man on Atlanta station Eleven Alive, talking about court cases he had been involved in, which were cases of violations relating to one’s religious beliefs. I had never seen him before, but sat down & listened. When he finished, Baptist minister Charles Stanley, came on & closed the program, then I realized it was a Sunday morning sermon from an Atlanta Baptist church.

The young guest speaker gave a very powerful message urging senior citizens to get involved, to stand up, speak out and get involved with active participation, to combat the current onslaught on religious freedoms in this nation. As an attorney told stories of lawsuits & court cases he has been involved in, to support the urgency of his message for seniors to get involved, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, we need to hear more urging of participation from the pulpit in churches, motivating seniors, sitting around doing nothing, as this country sinks further & further into the, “slow rot”of socialism.’

Celebrating this 4th of July is a reminder the 56 men who contributed to the formation of The Declaration of Independence “..and brought forth on this continent anew nation conceived in liberty..” could & should be motivational, for those asleep at the switch, to wake up – rise up and do something, to save this country. Faced with a do nothing Congress, an opportunity for the people to rise up take a stand, and reclaim lost Freedoms. It’s now or never. The presidential election in 2016 will be too late. It’s this year of 2014 is our chance to turn back the onslaught of Bondage perpetrated upon the people by the current political regime in power.

What better place to start than from the pulpit in churches, where the people gather? Why do the people gather if not to worship in religious freedom? And what better place to be reminded it’s under attack, and has been for quite some time? Religious Freedom, along with the Rights of all freedoms, is already severely eroded. We must face the reality, the citizens of this country are under attack, and have been for quite some time.

Have we been so “brainwashed” by those who lust for power in seats of political government, that we have fallen into a trap of rhetoric, which has convinced us “it’s a sin” to defy and reject “their rules of engagement” designed to destroy freedom?

The “slow rot” of socialism, coming upon us past several generations, has just about come full circle, with a stench that smells to high heaven. For those who have not listened and heard it, can now smell it.

Let Freedom Ring

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