I have related more than once, the story of how I became a blogger. It was about seven years ago, when my son called and said, “Mom, if you will just write, I’ll furnish you a team to help you.” When he said it would be a “blog” and named, “Octogenariansblog.com” I did not know what a Blog nor Octogenarian meant.

When anyone asks me how long I’ve been writing, I always respond, “..before I enrolled in first grade.” I have always loved writing, and while still in high school, wrote a weekly column for a local newspaper, about goings on among high school students, titled, Eavesdropping in High School.

I’ve been blogging now about seven years and have over one thousand articles posted on my website. I usually wake up at 2 or 3 am and write about whatever pops into my mind, when I sit down at the computer. Because I’m interested in a number of things, and rather opinionated, I write on a variety of subjects. However, my basic underlying premise is “The Phylosophy of freedom.”

I write blog articles for two reasons; first, because it’s very cathartic for me to express my ideas, and secondly, in the hopes I might motivate the reader to stop think and appreciate Freedom, by understanding its true meaning, and give an appreciation for those founding fathers who dedicated their lives to fight for a country and the supremacy for individual freedom. They left us the legacy of the Declaration of Independence and the original U.S. Constitution of laws..

In history books, taught when I attended grade school, we were taught from the writings of our founding fathers about the struggles in disagreement and differences of opinions during the formative years of this United States of America. To form a different kind of Government, and out of the dis-agreements and struggles of those founding fathers, who fought and won the Revolutionary War and handed down to us The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution of laws.

Recognition and adherence to the basic concepts of those two documents, dedicated to the concept of Liberty, and all created “equal,” this nation thrived for a number of years. Just about everyone wanted to come to America to experience Freedom, and the free-enterprise, capitalistic system, which provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.

Because Freedom is not free, and carries the price of self-responsibility and self-control and must be guarded to sustain, thru-out history, there has always been that element of human beings, who lust for power and control over others, with a determination which never gives up on this lust, to erode the freedom of others to rule, rake and take, that which does not belong to them.

In this connection, there are loop-holes in The U.S. Constitution, which have permitted those who attempt to justify thievery, by overriding the intent of the original constitution either via violation of it, or simply ignoring it, in the past few years. They have successfully undermined, to the extent a new system of political government, now in charge, eroding the inalienable Rights of the people to live free. and replacing the free-enterprising capitalistic system, with a different system of Socialism, Fascism and Communism brands.

I recently wrote an article issue 1111, posted on my website, titled, “LO AND BEHOLD: THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, BILL OF RIGHTS & TEN COMMANDEMENTS.” In this article, I pointed out the basic morality expressed in The Ten Commandments and The Declaration of Independence, Plus pointing out the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, is the man-made laws which guarantees our Rights to freedom.

Imagine my surprise, when I saw posted on my web-site below the article in comment section, a cartoon type picture of founding fathers, with a heading which read: “These guys loved Freedom so much that they wrote a contract, hundreds of years before your birth – without your consent – binding you in enforced tax servitude until your death.” Not only was I surprised, I was appalled, at the unmitigated gall of such a notion.

The main purpose of the formation of the U.S. Constitution, was for a centralized government to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies and to protect the Rights of the people to exercise freedom. This means to protect from foreign & domestic enemies, a well-armed & well trained military necessary to sustain, which means a cost to those being protected from foreign & domestic enemies.

All the additional enforced servitude, has been added by those elected by the people since the original Constitution, not those, “original guys.” Specifically enacted by the, “graduated income tax laws” by politicians elected by the people in 1913. The founding fathers had nothing to do with the Graduated income tax laws, which is the fore-runner of the economic disaster we face today. Culminating today via forced integration of free immigration, financed by income taxes forced upon the people, not by those, “Guys” known as the founding fathers, but by greedy power lusting politicians in Congress and the White House.

Those “Guys” who fought the revolution and formed a new system of government, who pledged their lives & fortunes to leave us the legacy of Freedom, not responsible for the conditions we face to-day. And I’m appalled this mockery type cartoon type picture with its message, placed on my web-site, without my permission nor knowledge in defiance of my article issue 1111.

One of the founding fathers, 2nd Us President John Adams said: “The jaws of power always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking and writing.”


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  1. Aaron says:

    I put the graphic there because it illustrates that “laws” do not make people free. They are, by definition, a limitation of freedom. I would also point out that almost immediately after the formation of the U.S. Constitution and the inauguration of our first government, George Washington himself led troops against the Whiskey Rebellion, which was a rebellion fomented because Congress levied taxes on a specific group of people despite their “guarantees of freedom.” It also points out that the levying of taxes was a core part of the new Constitution. In fact, after the preamble, the power to tax was the second thing given after naming the federal bodies allowed to create those taxes (Article I, Section 2).