Most will recall the classic Emperor’s Clothing story – when the leader, advertised weeks ahead to his constituents that he was planning a parade to show off his new wardrobe. The entire kingdom was a-buzz with anticipation, and all dressed up and lined up along the parade route. As the Emperor passed in his royal carriage, everyone ohed, ahed, and emoted over his new wardrobe. Until one little boy stuck his head out of the crowd and yelled, “He’s naked!”

The great moral to this story reveals what happens when the people become so brainwashed and propagandized over a period of time by oppressive rulership, they no longer recognize truth and reality, and if they do, afraid to let it be known, because the popular and accepted route to take is to follow the dictates of the ruler. Accepting agreement with a lie and believing it.

Here in this once great nation, home of the brave and the Free, things have changed so drastically along with the majority of people, it’s hardly recognizable.

This morning as I watched union bosses all dressed up, marching through the door of the White House to meet with the President, to voice their objections over Obama care, I wondered what kind of special treatment they would be offered.

When the “have nots” were voted into power, the haves more or less became the “hasbeens.”

This week’s news has been dominated by President Obama’s proposal to start a war with Syria, and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s response to it. He offered a way out of the chemical gas problem with Syria, to negoiate diplomatically, instead of a military strike, and followed by an op-ed letter to New York Times. Taking us to task, over our perceived position of “exceptualism.” A position we once held, among other countries, at home and abroad.

Taking an objective look at the actions of this country, relative to moving into other countries and warring with them, leaving a path of destruction and thousands killed, and lives in shambles, we in this country don’t look so exceptional.

In addition, we have allowed a political government to ignore the laws of the US Constitution, violating our Rights to life, Liberty, and privacy, so overburdening with taxes, rules, regulations, policies and edicts, we no longer look so exceptional.

When we read daily news reports, about what happened in Benghazi, the gun running to the hands of drug dealers in Mexico, the invasion of privacy by IRS, and all the other stories, interrupting, and corrupting, lives, Liberty and property, we no longer look so exceptional.

And the biggest and worst of changes in this nation, the transformation of a nation, founded on the principles of personal freedom and free enterprise to an entirely different system of Socialism, we definitely no longer appear exceptional.

So what happens? The current president of Russia, since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, came to the rescue of America, with a viable plan to avoid our entrance in another war. Being seventeen trillion in debt, this nation can’t afford another war. Then he wrote a letter, reminding us, we can no longer brag about our exceptionalism. I thought it was a good thought-provoking letter. And we the people could benefit by paying attention to what he said in the letter.

Instead of thanking him for offering a solution to avoid war, reactions from a number of elected representatives in Washington, comparable to what one might expect from street fighting, uneducated hoodlums.

The speaker of the house, Boehner, was reported as saying he was “insulted.” Another Senator, Robert Menendez, said the New York piece almost made him “throw up.”

A reminder, President Putin’s reference to “exceptionalism” was in response to President Obama’s speech, where he said, on Tuesday, “While America can’t be a global cop, it ought to act when in certain situations, that’s what makes us ‘exceptional,’ with humility but with resolve, let us never lose sight of that essential truth.” In my opinion, Obama’s desire to lead this nation into another war with a country who has done nothing to us, is exceptionally foolish. His reference to this making “us” exceptional, is beyond the pale of common sense rationale. And that’s what Putin was addressing in his letter.

His reminder, that does not make us exceptional, caused the kinds of responses from elected representatives I quoted above, plus a response from the White House, Putin’s remarks are “irrelevant.”

Is it any wonder this country is in the undesirable conditions we face today? With this kind of gutter verbiage coming from the top echelon of elected leaders in Washington. And more disturbing is why, we the people, sit back and apathetically accept these kinds of speeches and verbiage, coming from the mouths of highly-paid elected representatives of the people. Plus the decisions they are making, which drag this country further down in the depths of the absymal mediocrity of Socialism.

No, we are not a nation of exceptionalism, but we are a people smarter than to sit back and allow this to happen. Neither are we stupid, but something has happened to the 300-plus million of American Citizenry, which has caused us to accept that which is being dished out to us, by those who lust for power in Washington. Their actions, i.e., what they say and do, are contrary to the Declaration of Independence and the laws of the US Constitution.

President Putin concluded by saying, “We are all different but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.” Truer words never spoken, but those elected in Washington, consider themselves superior to the rest of us. Theirs is an air and attitude of superiority.

Here’s a quote from the great journalist, H.L. Mencken: “As democracy is perfected, the office of President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright Moron.



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2 Responses to RUSSIAN VLADIMIR PUTIN – MODERN DAY EMPEROR CLOTHING PARADE ONLOOKER (Reprint of Issue 994, September 15, 2013)

  1. Freedom Lady says:

    Vladimiiur Putin, the most powefful individual on the planet, is very smart and riding a turf of 80% popularity in his country of Russia.Too smart,too powerful and too popular to do some- thing so stupid as shootingdown a civilian plane carrying 298 innocent passengers. I dont believe he was behind the attack, more likely an accident by some underlly trigger happy employee..But the powers at be in my country, think it advantageous to enhance their position by blaming Putin.

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