It seems rather strange when some act of adversity can often turn out to be a blessing in disguise. However, in the midst of the problem, which can be quite upsetting, we are unable to see it. I recently encountered a situation when an eight year old child hauled off and kicked me because I tried to correct her behavior and she did not like it. I reacted angrily and badly, telling her I’d slap the snot out of her if she ever did it again.

The following day after I had cooled down and had very long discussion with the parent about the child’s behavior, who frequently hits and kicks other children, causing problems for the hitter and the recipient. I went into a lengthy in-depth discussion with the parent as we both analyzed the underlying problem and some common sense solutions to deal with her behavior.
I realized my taking the kicking provided the opportunity to come up with some solutions which may prevent the child from future lickings from other children over her kicking and hitting behavior which has been quite pervasive.

On another note, my recent disturbed upsetting over the criticism of one of my long-time faithful website readers, has prompted me to take the time and effort to write more in-depth insight about the US Constitution and political government in general, and the early days of the formation of the Constitution in particular.

Back there in the century of the 1700-s when the residents of this country were so fed up with the rule of the British King, the Revolutionary War erupted, and they fought the well armed British militia and won their Freedom from the oppression of the British rule.

After winning the war, they were temporarily sort of like a ship without a rudder because of their long ancestry, living under the dictates of regimes, ruled by kings and Lords, being ordered what to do, when to do it, and paying subservience to their rulers. They decided to form their own kind of Government. The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson, and arrangement made for a meeting to form their own version of a Constitutional Government where our present Constitution and Bill of Rights were formulated.

History informs us there were lengthy discussions and arguments, because the participants were quite aware of the inherent dangers, which inevitably come from men when clad with official robes of power and the insolence it breeds in office holders. They discussed and argued among themselves in an attempt to nullify these imminent dangers. A system of checks and balances was formed to deprive any office holder of perpetual and Supreme un-ending power. After much discussion, the Amendment clause was inserted in the Constitution. These were God-loving, religious men who set pen to paper with character and purpose un-equaled since.

Their faith was in God, with high hopes ordinary men would honor and adhere to the principles they set forth in the document. But some were rightfully leery of faith in men to keep and hold on to the principles they penned in the document, as revealed by Benjamin Franklin in his answer to the lady who asked him what kind of Government he had given them. His reply, “We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it.”

After the Revolution and formation of the new government, the people enjoyed a period of an un-restricted life in Freedom. As a result, they worked hard, built things, created things, enjoyed things, and acquired things. They were a self-responsible people in control of their lives living in Freedom. But it was a short lived period.

Political government is a tool devised by man out of fear who then place their eggs in the basket of government for protection. But it’s the nature of all political governments to fill their tool boxes from the sweat of the brow of workers who devise and create all the tools and because government has nothing, creates nothing, they use the tool of assumed power to take and rake. As Lyndon Johnson said, “take from the haves to give to have-nots”.

The formation of the original Constitution was a noble idea. The original document itself was created for the benefit of man-kind. Nothing like it had ever been created since the beginning of civilization. The checks and balances of the three branches have been over-come by those in charge.
The Supreme Court, instead of testing the validity of laws against the Constitution, in large measure has become a law-making body. The Laws Congress passes, but the decrees of the executive branch out-number the Congress. And to-day the power of the executive branch is staggering, entering through the back door of the White House through the route of the staggering number of Bureaus, all un-responsive with-out any accountability when it comes to following the wishes of the people.

One cannot logically blame the Constitution for the cause of our current problems because for all practical purposes it’s pretty much null and void. I follow daily news rather closely, and it appears to me that no one in any of the three branches adheres to it anymore. This country is now ruled by Presidential executive orders and Bureaucratic memos.

That wonderful original Constitution, so carefully crafted by moral men, is now null and void, and we now live in a country ruled by edicts & memos. Those 535 elected in congress are worthless and totally dominated by the executive branch.

As I stated earlier, government is a tool devised by men out of fear for protection, and the most scared bunch of individuals is Congress. When House speaker Boehner announced they approve the billions requested by the President with no provision to protect the border, as I see it that was the coup de grace. Total abdication of power to do anything, surrendering the property of the people to a president dismantling America.

The American citizenry is placing their hopes in the upcoming election, expecting to elect Republicans to head off the destructive forces at the pass, need to take a good look at how the Republicans already in Congress are acting like pawns in the chess game of political power now in the hands of the White House.

The American experience devising the Constitution was a magnificent accomplishment. However now seemingly null and void, no one in Washington paying any attention to as though it’s a worthless piece of paper.

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC

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