We are today living in a country, in an era, this year 2014, a far cry, strayed away from the founding Principles this nation was founded upon. Just over 200 years ago, the American Revolution was fought and won, for Freedom. Out of that war and win from British rule, the Declaration of Independence document was created. From winning the war against Britan, and the Declaration of Independence, a Constitution of man-made laws was created.

There are two documents of moraility. One is the Ten Commandements, seven of which are negative & tells us what we shall not do and three are positive, telling us what we should do. The Declaration of Independence declares our Right to be Free, along with the right to Life, Liberty & Happiness. Then the “Bill of Rights,” first ten amendments to Constitution, guarantees those Rights. In other words those ten amendments of the law of this nation, guarantees the Rights and privileges of individuals in this nation.. spoken of in the Declaration of Independence.

We read in history books and written letters and documents handed down from founding fathers, much discussion, arguments, and disagreement over the term “and happiness” in the declaration. Some wanted the term “right to Property” instead of happiness, but agreement was reached for the word “happiness” after much debate.

Because Rights to ownership of property is essential to life, one cannot exist and enjoyhappiness with out the Right to own property. One owns the food they eat and the water they drink. Ownership is that which one controls with a boundary.

In the Ten Commandments, “thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false Witness” simply reminds us it is wrong and a violation of one’s “Rights” to take property belonging to another in violation of the Will of the owner.

It’s not rocket science and so simple a child can understand, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitutional Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments are non-contradictory and all in favor of individual Rights to choose: for Life, Liberty and private property ownership, in support of one’s right to be free.

And what is Freedom? Simply put, one’s Right of responsibility to be self-responsible, and have control over that which one owns. But absolutely no right to take and cross the boundaries of another’s ownership of property without permission of the owner.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Constitution continues beyond the Bill of Rights and grants permission for some to rake & take from some, mainly from producers to non-producers; originally, supposedly, with some limitations. But all that has changed, we are now living in an era of unbridled power, extended via 535 Congressmen and one president, to do as they choose with a phone and the stroke of a pen. With an extensive proliferation of government departments to carry out their edicts & orders. No longer a government “of the people” but a government of Departments.

The original symbolic pyramid, which touted the power as being in the hands of the people by the broad base representing the power of the people, and the tip of the pyramid representing the limited power of the political government, now reversed, an upside down symbolic pyramid, with broad base of governmental control and power now on top, and the pyramid about ready to topple; definitely teetering.

It was during the Korean war, when a letter to God was found on an American dead soldier. In part read; “..it’s strange I had to reach this hellish state before I ever saw your shining face.”

There’s no doubt about it hat this nation was founded upon Christian Principles, and the Declaration of Independence a divinely inspired document which declares one’s right to be Free, have life, Liberty and property ownership. Why have we squandered it? And now that we have reached this hellish state of bondage, what are we doing about it? I am certain none of us are entitled to sit back and do nothing about it. That’s not an option.. that life in freedom handed down to us by our founding fathers, is not free, it has a price tag to it. It’s incumbent upon every individual to do something, to restore a life in freedom, for incoming generations.

As we celebrate this 4th of July holiday, stop for a moment and ask yourself, what it is you can do to restore a life in Freedom? Ask yourself what it is you want to do? Once you ask yourself that, you will probably be surprised at the number of things which come to mind. It’s your life, your future and that of your children that’s at stake.

U.S. Supreme court justice William O. Douglas said: “The Fifth Amendment is an old friend and a good friend. It is one of the great landmarks in man’s struggle to be free of tyranny, to be decent and civilized.”

Let freedom Ring

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