Never have I felt greater concern for my country, Freedom, the people and future as I do this morning. Without a shot being fired, we are under siege by foreign invasion. Thousands upon thousands of foreigners from a number of different countries are flocking into this country. As reported in the news, a large number are very sick with a variety of contagious diseases, undocumented, and some admitting they have committed criminal acts in their native country, including murder.

On Fox News past few days, a great deal of insightful news reporting on events relative to the invasion of thousands upon thousand of illegals from different countries, crossing the border into this country. A number of elected officials, news reporters, ordinary citizens and border patrol employees, appearing on the news, giving first hand reports of the invasion of this country, via foreigners.

Included, in this outspoken, news reporting about the reality of that which is currently taking place, is Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Former governor Mike Huckabee, Judge Jannine, several Congressmen, Border patrol employees and the most powerful delivery of actual happenings by Hollywood actor Jon Voight, on the Mike Huckabee show last evening. Followed by a very insightful power delivery by Judge Jeannine, on her Fox news Saturday Nite program.

The most stunning revelation in the news reporting is the failure of our government to perform its number one duty, mandated in the laws of the Constitution, and that is protection of this country from foreign and domestic enemies. We’re watching on television in our living rooms, foreign enemy invasion. Set up and promoted by our own government stemming from, “The Dream Act.”

We are watching first hand from our living rooms, the out-picturing of the prediction of Communist leader Lenin, who warned almost a hundred years ago, when he laid out the tactics for conquering the world to install a one world government embracing Communism. Saying the “United States of America, we shall not have to attack, because it will fall from within like overripe fruit.” And so it is without a shot being fired.

Having lived longer than most, I have witnessed the many wars this nation has fought to preserve this country and way of life in Freedom. Having been married to a military officer, who fought in World War Two, the Korean and Vietnam wars, I heard first hand reports of the battles and killings in these wars, as they happened.

It’s reported in the news that the majority of these “children” are thirteen to seventeen year old foreign males, from a number of different countries, entering this country via Central America, through Mexico to cross over the Southern border, to enter this country illegally. Entering this country carrying a variety of contagious diseases, without documentation, but some admitting their crimes in their native country, as a result of verbal interrogation, by some of the Border Patrol employees.

Reports on this Sunday morning news about the illegal children, boarding commercial aircraft, carrying disease. Imagine sitting next to a young male, illegal foreigner in the closed quarters of an aircraft, unaware he’s undocumented carrier of an infectious disease. As described by some Border Patrol employees appearing on television last evening.

As I see the picture as a whole, there’s a connection between what’s happening in Iraq and the takeover of that country via a terrorist organization, to lay claim to their own country, with a bottom line intention of ultimate attack on this country in conjunction with Iran, now building their own atomic bomb. Coupled with the saturation of this country with thousands of illegals, mostly young males, establishing residency here. All this propaganda about returning the illegals back to their native country is just that, Propaganda. Our government may return a few out of the thousands already here, to support their propaganda.

To clinch our current vulnerable position, in my opinion, the embracing acceptance of all these diseased children, bused and flown thru out the U.S. is part of the plan, to render greater powerlessness by the importation of disease in this country. Coupled with the dismantling of our military, disarming the people, we are sitting ducks, for the ultimate take over of this country.

In the grand scheme of “transformation of America” by those now in power, appears to have gone almost full circle, and now we’re like easy pickings for low lying fruit. Those the people we have elected, have set it up and let it happen. There is nothing happenstance about current conditions and direction. It’s all part of a well thought-out & organized scheme. And the 300 milion plus citizenry, we the people have allowed it all to take place.

How and why is no great mystery. Somewhere along the way, we lost our desire for freedom, and did not inherit the “Root hog or die” mentality of our founding fathers.

As I listen to political pundits and talk shows, much discussion and Mystery about the actions and in-actions of president Obama. From the Iraq debacle, to strained unpopular relations with other countries. The squandering of millions of taxpaid money on expensive vacations, family travel and elaborate dinners. It all appears he has a dislike of America, and all the noble ideas we once stood for. He told us in his first campaign speeches he wanted to “transform America.”

There is really no big mystery about his plans, ideas, actions and in-actions. Take for example, his disinterest and inaction about the Marine left behind bars in Mexico. He has made no bones about his disdain for armed individuals; he would like to over-ride the Constitution and make it illegal to own guns. Therefore when the Marine Sargent was jailed with guns in his vehicle, President Obama will not lift a finger to assist the freeing of an American soldier via a foreign government. Because he’s a gun-toting individual, and the president is opposed to that. The Marine represents the action of owning and carrying guns, in opposition to what the president wants, specifically unarmed individuals. That is most likely the reason why the commander-in-chief refuses to protect the Right to freedom of the gun carrying Marine.

Greta Van Sustern of Fox News has headed up the drive for release of the soldier Marine, and wonders if the cause for his refusal to intervene stems from his dis-like of Fox News. I don’t think so, quite the contrary he enjoys all the attention he receives from Fox News. It enhances his love of attention and control, in my opinion. The reason is he’s not going to assist in the release of a gun-toting individual.

In the myriad of problems plaguing this once Free nation, the President of the United States appears to be sitting on his hands with pen & phone, plus out campaigning for Democrat reelection in November, to stack the Senate with democrats to pass on his agenda. In between campaign speeches hopping from one state to another, stops to play golf, pool and for photo ops along the way. “Fiddling while Rome burns” so to speak. Not engaged in solutions for all the problems we face. From Benghazi, Internal Revenue scandals, to Iraq war, and invasion of this country by thousand upon thousands of Domestic illegals, he does nothing to solve. Internally and externally this country is under attack, while the president dismantles the military.

Thousands upon thousands have died in vain for this Country. It all seems so surreal and unfathomable, we have a president so disinterested in solving any of the problems. His recent campaign funding trip to Texas, when confronted to visit the border, he made it quite clear he was well aware of everything taking place. No doubt in my mind he does know everything taking place. There’s a consensus of opinion that he orchestrated the set up, back there with the Dream Act. Can anyone love America, and sit back & watch its destruction, with-out lifting a finger, when one has the power & means to stop and prevent the downfall and destruction?

I have said repeatedly since the beginning of this year, 2014, is our last opportunity to salvage this nation from the jaws of transformation to a different kind of government. 2016 will be too late. It’s this mid-term election in November which will seal our fate, if the liberal socialist voted in power to be in charge. A democratic controlled Congress will stamp with approval, the agenda of whatever the president wants. This period of time in our history is the most crucial in our history since the Revolutionary war. If the invasion of thousands of disease infected illegals flooding this country, is not the wake-up call, to rise up in protest the question is what will?

This country is in severe crisis and the enemy is at our front door. If one is unphased by whats happening in this country, think about our one mideast ally Israel, our president promised to help, instead funding the enemy terrorist group, Hamas, now bombing Israel, and no help to Israel. Then there’s our German friend and ally, turning their back on us as a result of US spying in their country. Then there’s Mexico on this side of the globe, aiding and abetting, the influx of thousands upon thousands crossing the border into this country, illegally. We are at war and have been for quite a long time. a war of ideas and the enemy is winning. The enemy is winning simply because we have failed to recognize theenemy is with-in.

Remember the wisdom of the words of the great military statigiest, SUN TZU, who said: “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know your self and not the enemy, for every victory gained you will suffer defeat. If you know neither the enemy, nor yourself, you will succumb to every battle.”



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  1. Aaron says:

    A couple of notes here. The Dream Act was proposed by Republican Senator Orrin Hatch and supported by many Republicans in all forms it’s taken. The Dream Act never passed, but versions of it are active in several states, including traditionally “conservative” ones like Utah, Nebraska, and Texas.

    Second, Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid, bar none. So to claim that we’re not “helping them” is ignorance at best. Further, the current back-and-forth between Palestine and Israel has resulted in 0 Israeli deaths and hundreds of Palestinian deaths, so it doesn’t appear that they need our help regardless.

    Oh and Iran has been “building an atom bomb” since 1984 if you follow the propaganda.

  2. Freedom Lady says:

    President Obama told Isreali Prime minister, “Weve got your back” Is fundingand supporting Hamas, a large terrioist organization, supporting Isreael by backing them?

  3. Aaron says:

    How is he funding Hamas, exactly? What, exactly, is he giving them? And who’s to say that Hamas is automatically the bad guy?