More in the news lately about the financial status of Hillary & Bill Clinton than about their politics. Attention drawn to the multi-millions both have made writing books and doing speaking engagements since leaving the White House.

Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas and a two term President of the United States. His wife Hillary, ran for President & lost to Obama. They moved from Little Rock to New York, where she was elected Senator form New York. Then became Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

Hillary has been First Lady of a Southern State, First Lady of a President in the White House, A U.S. Senator, then Secretary of State. She has recently been on a book signing tour, and very much in the limelight of news, over the possibility she may be a Presidential candidate in 2016.

It seems both have spent the greater part of their adult life at the tax-funded trough, and I don’t know of anything outstanding either have accomplished, to go into history books, which might promote the well-being on mankind in any shape form or fashion. Bill Clinton, known more for his relationship with the young White House intern than anything else.

And Hillary, more well known and popular over remarks shes made than anything else. For example, “What difference does it make?'” remark at congressional hearings in reference to Benghazi killings. Then the latest claim of “leaving the White House broke.”

It’s reported today, both are multi-multi-millionaires. So why does one who has lived the high-flying Life of Riley, in the limelight with the best of everything money can buy, supporting a lifestyle, decide to publicly cry “Poor mouth?”

I grew up in the South and know it’s part of Southern religious culture, to promote oneself as being poor as a church mouse, while having millions in the bank. I had a sister whose husband owned a steel company, financially well off, with summer homes in Florida in a fly-in community, private plane & pilot, always crying poor mouth. It was like a religious mantra, to continually promote herself as being, “poor.”

I was visiting her in their upscale Florida fly-in Community, when she entertained neighbors with a luncheon. Her neighbor, who was one of the wealthiest in the community, spent her time promoting how poor she was. When my sister remarked about her wealth, I said, “she has a poverty-stricken personality.”

Growing up in the South, I could never understand the projection of being poor among those with plenty of money. Most were very religious, going to church every Sunday, and continiously lying about their wealth. It was taboo to talk about money, and acted as tho it was part of a religious belief to deny one had wealth.

Therefore, when I heard Hillary Clinton bemoan the idea she & Bill were broke when they left the white house, after 8 years of having the best of everything money could by, I thought to myself, there’s that poor-mouthing lie, so pervasive among those with money in the South. Which always came across to me as a religious thing, ie a sin to admit one had wealth.. and ok to lie about it.

There no telling the number of times I heard the same remark describing those with plenty of money. “He or she is rich, but don’t act like it.” In the Southern lifestyle, the virtue was to have wealth and act poor. A syndrome, I never understood.

My sister did say to me one time, when we discussed it, “you’re not a millionaire, but always act rich.” And I responded by saying, “That’s the way I feel.”

It was very revealing about herself, when Hillary appeared on national television, reporting about “being broke” and how easily she lies. In my opinion Republicans should support her candidacy for president, because she would be the easiest to defeat in 2016.

A reminder of the old political joke “how to tell if a politician is lying” – very easy, if their lips are moving. Not entirely true, because I think there are a few good men out there, capable of leading this nation out of the ditch we are in, to return this nation back to the Principles of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, and the legacy of our founding fathers, this nation thrived upon in earlier times.

Here’s a quote by Judge Kermit Lipez: “Gathering information about government officials in a form that can readily be disseminated to others serves a cardinal first amendment interest in protecting and promoting the free discussion of governmental affairs.”


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