As individuals embodied on this planet Earth, living on an unascended level, everyone subjected to error, and mistakes and violations of Universal Law. To procreate we must live together. and living together has its rewards and punishments.

We often encouinter problems getting along. Some seem to thrive on creating problems. Some seem to have a compulsion to take that which belongs to another. Out of this compulsion breeds politicians, who seek political office, to legally take, from those who have, to redistribute after raking off the top of that which is taken, for themselves.

For some, lying, stealing cheating and abusing is a way of life. Therefore political governments are instituted among men to deal with this problem. Sadly, it’s not a solution, and frequently political government exacerbates problems it’s designed to solve.

The government here in United States, carved out with A Constitution just over 200 years ago, was the best idea civilized man has come up with, in the history of civilization. A noble idea, which recognized human beings have inalienable Rights, and carved out a document of laws, designed partly to protect & insure those Rights. Elected representatives take an oath to uphold the basic tenets of those rights. However, those elected have changed parts of the Constitution, disregarded, ignored and violated to the extent, it’s original intent is now incapacitated and ineffective.

The cause of its failure, does not lie with those who created it over two hundred years ago. However, the failure of the constitutional laws to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, and to ensure individual Rights of freedom, is obvious, as we teeter on the verge of collapse.

To blame current conditions on the founding fathers is ludicrous, and not recognizing it’s our fault, is a cop out idea, which suggest there’s nothing we can do about current undesirable conditions, because we had nothing to do with the cause. Those founding fathers are to blame. That’s a “dog ate my home-work” rationale. It’s a hopelessness and helpless position, to blame the founding fathers for our current dilemma. Plus the fact its simply not true.

The cause of our current dilemma lies in the fact there’s a misunderstanding about freedom and its requirements, a misunderstanding which has been taught & promoted in public schools over the last six generations. A devaluation of Freedom, replaced by socialism. We the people created, financed, and supported tax-supported Socialistic public school system. Not our founding fathers.

It was a communist leader who said, “give me a child six years old and I’ll make a communist out of him.” Our current system of socialism incorporates both fascism and communistic brands of Socialism.

In a recent article I pointed out the commonalities of morality in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments. They deal with the importance of private property ownership and the immorality of thievery. And Socialism is a system of thievery, taking from haves to give to have-nots. Over fifty Billion annually taken from the citizenry to suppost socialized public schools.

On the recent display of the graphic by a reader, a picture of five founding fathers which says “These guys loved Freedom so much, that they wrote a contract, hundreds of years before your birth – with-out your consent, binding you in enforced tax servitude to your death.”

Subsequently adding, he placed it there, “To illustrate that ‘laws’ do not make people free. They are, by definition, a limitation of freedom.” Which is not the whole truth. Some man-made laws are designed to restrict freedom. Conversely, there are many natural laws, duplicated in man-made laws, which support freedom, life and enhance both. By absolute necessity to live and exist, there are laws which one must abide by.

One cannot jump off a twelve story building onto a concrete pavement and survive. The Law of gravity prevents that. There is a law which requires food and water to live. Defiance, or absence of adherence results in death. To make a blanket statement, that laws by definition are a limitation of freedom is simply not true. Some man-made laws designed to limit freedom, but not all.

I have never said, “laws guarantee Freedom.” I do maintain, the “Bill of Rights” in the Constitution designed to guarantee ones, “right” to freedom. However I point out the laws in the Constitution, have been violated and ignored. The reader suggests that, by definition, laws are limitation of freedom. It’s my contention it’s violations of laws which curb and limit freedom.

In my opinion, there’s a huge difference in the intent of the Original U.S Constitution, and the expressed actions of the current batch of elected politicians in congress and the White House. So many laws passed in Congress, and executed by the president, which violate the laws of the Constitution. Therefore to mock and blame the founding fathers for the conditions we face today, is a cop-out notion, which defies the reality of why we are where we are to-day on the verge of collapse, of constitutional government into the abysmal mediocrity of Socialism.

Because Freedom is not free and requires self-responsibility and self-control, the absence of those basic tenets, is a sure fire formula for the resulting conditions we face today.

A Quote from Supreme court Justice, William O Douglas: “Ideas are indeed the most dangerous weapons in the world. Our ideas of Freedom are the most powerful political weapons man has ever forged.”

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC

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  1. Aaron says:

    You ignored my statement about the original founding fathers, who’d presided over and signed into the law the new Constitution, and then immediately violated it themselves. And the fact that the very first thing the Constitution gives power to do is.. tax.

    You also seem to confuse natural, physical laws (gravity) with codified, restrictive laws. They are very different.

  2. Aaron says:

    My point is pretty simple: worshiping parchment (the Constitution) will not fix our problems. It’s the cause of them. The Founding Fathers who created the Constitution then immediately began ignoring it, showing how useless it really is. THAT is something you have not addressed. The Constitution levies taxes as its first order of business – taxes which you admit are thievery. Less than 100 years after it was created and ratified, the Constitution was read to give permission to tax individuals and the IRS was created.


    So far, the only solution you’ve proffered is to vote in some other people. Sorry, but a system that’s broken from the get-go isn’t going to be fixed by using that broken system to elect new leaders into the broken system so they can use the broken system to fix the broken system.

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