Living in the United States of America today, we are living in an era where all individuals are loaded to the gills with man-made laws. From local community, county, city, state and federal laws, the number of man-made laws would fill volumes.

There are two kinds of law, man-made and Universal. All man-nade laws run parallel, or commensurate, with natural law or contradictory to it. For example, the law of Gravity states, what goes up must come down, unless another law is applied to prevent coming down.

According to Blacks Law Dictionary: “Law in its generic sense, is a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority and having binding legal force.” The law of a State is to be found in its statutory and constitutional enactments as intrepreted by the courts. There is statutory and case law.

As this country sinks further & further into the depths of Socialism, and further & further away from the self-responsibility required to be free, nothing is going to change for the better until we understand why. And the “why” is not that complicated, nor is the solution.

It’s my contention the problem lies in the absence of understanding of Freedom, and the requirements to sustain and maintain, and the major cause for this misunderstanding, lies in the fact that the educational system, specifically public schools, teaches and indoctrinates in the philosophy of Socialism.

Politically and economically, Socialism means production and distribution is in the hands of government, owned & controlled. Therefore Socialism and individualism, i.e. freedom of individual are permanently opposing doctrines. There is actually nothing new in socialism, only that which is ignored and forgotten; now embraced in this country.

One of the most interesting news items currently, is the revelation that ninety-thousand internal revenue employees, in charge of the money, are now locked in a battle with 535 Congressmen, in charge, and over 300 million citizens.

Freedom and Individualism is a philosophy whereas Socialism is a doctrine. And only by understanding the two and their basic differences can we expect any change in direction to take place. The Socialist will argue that the masses must be served by a centralized government, by sacrificing the Rights and values of the Individual. Productive property ownership must be on a collective basis.

In a preceding article a few days ago, titled LO AND BEHOLD: THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, BILL OF RIGHTS & TEN COMMANDMENTS (Issue 1111), a reader responded by posting a picture of the founding fathers, with a caption which read: “These guys loved Freedom so much that they wrote a contract, hundreds of years before your birth, without your consent, binding you in enforced tax servitude until your death.” I disagree with this caption and premise, and continue in Part Two of this article.




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