When one reaches a point in their lives where they understand the meaning of Freedom, they can define it. The definition is simple: self-responsibility & self control. Defining it with a desire to have it requires a great deal more than that simple definition.

It’s imperative that one understand such things as Ownership of Property, validity of Contractural agreements, boundaries, man-made law and Natural Law, the real meaning of thievery, plus those political laws one must obey to stay out of jail.

When anyone presents themselves as proponents of freedom, and can’t define it, but rather refers you to someone else or some other thing to define, beware of subterfuge. Anyone who desires freedom, accepts the responsibility for it, and understands it, has no problem conveying its meaning to others.

A recent referral to someone else to learn where one stands on Freedom led me to a website with pages and pages of stuff about a man who teaches and preaches Freedom. Nowhere did I find his definition of it, nor a solution for bondage, but a lot of rhetoric which sounded more like a politician running for office than anyone who supposedly understands freedom. The one area he speaks of that I agree with is abolishment of the graduated income tax. His refusal to pay taxes has resulted in a prison sentence for him.

Its not a recipe for Freedom to up and decide not to pay income tax when your circumstances are such you are required to do so. Millions have found ways to not pay by claiming disability, applying for government stolen subsistence, and receiving food stamps, but refusal to pay income tax is not the route to go if you value your freedom.

However, believing income tax illegal, and just deciding not to pay, without any forethought of consequences is a sure-fire route to land behind bars. Consequently, claiming to understand Freedom, making speeches, holding seminars, and writing books about it, then landing behind iron bars for refusal to pay income tax is a glaring out-picturing of one who is misinformed about the meaning of Freedom.

The particular individual recommended to listen to about freedom goes around the country making speeches and holding seminars, without charge, and begs for contributions to pay his expenses. So right off the bat one can observe he fails the requirement of freedom to be self-responsible. And an obvious uninformed individual, who doesn’t recognize freedom is not Free. There’s a price to having it.

I personally know individuals in my own community claiming disability, drawing government checks and Food stamps while able to work, and make money on the side doing odd jobs, then blackmail themselves into thinking they are free and smart.

When living off the stolen loot from others who work and produce, then lying about it is a sure route to bondage, and definitely not the route to freedom.

Its the basic tenets of political government to rake, take, lie, and steal from producers to re-distribute to non-producers. It’s this route of elected rulership which has this nation in the grip of Communist/fascism/socialism we are experiencing today.

The great writer and Freedom promoter Harry Browne wrote a great book titled, “How I found Freedom in an Un-free World”, and Rose Wilder Lane wrote the famous book titled, “Discovery of Freedom”. Two books I suggest reading to further one’s understanding of the meaning of freedom. Plus one of my Favorites, “The Law” by Bastiat.

Theres a great deal out there in print one could characterize as propaganda for the Philosophy of freedom. Its my aim to help the reader understand the real meaning of freedom, therefore I’m careful about material I reccomend to read. Truth is that which is and the absence of a lie. To understand Freedom means one needs a basic understanding of Freedom, to acquire and sustain, a condition of living which is preferable to enslavement and bondage for most. A life of attempted substitues for Freedom, is not the real thing. You are free or in bondage, no in between.

One does not discover the meaning of freedom in tax-funded primary schools and colleges because they operate on the system of thievery sustained and maintained by government. On the other hand one must be careful and aware, in costly private schools, it’s the text-books which promote Socialism instead of teaching an understanding of the meaning of freedom. And it does not take a brainy Mensa student to recognize in the hallowed halls of socialistic instutitions, not designed to teach the Principles of Freedom.

There may be others but I only know of one school which actually teaches and practices the real meaning of freedom, and thats Freedom Mountain Academy, a boarding school in East Tennessee. This absence of classrooms which actually teach Freedom, means anyone who desires freedom, and seeks to understand it,must seek ways outside a classroom to grasp its real meaning.

We are living in an era where the majority misunderstands the real meaning of Freedom, Plus the fact its pretty much Taboo across the board to even talk about it now-a-days. Sadly, the very essence of the very Principles upon which this nation was founded upon, i.e. personal Freedom, now-days taboo to discuss in most circles. Even a child can understand that’s a formula for Bondage.

Benjamin franklin said, “When you run in debt, you give to another power over your Liberty”.

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