If you are one of my regular readers, you will note that one of my readers, Aaron, and I have been in a dispute over a number of subjects I write about. And over the past seven years, I have over one thousand articles posted on my website, with a no holds barred presentation relative to what I think and believe about my country and Freedom. I express what I think, feel and believe, and make no apology for it.

I have stated previously and unequivocally my belief we are where we are today, in a crisis on the verge of collapse of our original constitution and a former way of life in freedom, for two reasons, an absence of understanding of the Phylosophy of Freedom, and a refusal to adhere to its requirements to be free. Specifically self-responsibility and self-control, with a bottom line disregard for the basic tenets of private property ownership. I further maintain the root cause lies in support of the past six generations of public schools, which are socialist by nature and teach students socialism in 12 grades. Consequently, every nine months turning out a new batch of students indoctrinated in philosophy of socialism. Which is the anti-theses of freedom.

On the other hand, the stated position of Aaron is this: “We are where we are to-day, because the constitution allows it. Therefore it is to blame and so are those who created it.” Then he uses the WHISKEY REBELLION, as an example of founding fathers, headed by president George Washington, to make a point that those who created the Constitution, immediately violated the laws they made by government intervention to stop the Whiskey Rebellion.

As a reminder of history, the Whiskey Rebellion was a group of individuals who rejected the government tax on whiskey, and resisted government agents attempting to enforce the tax. And Washington sent in a militia to quell the uprising. The Federal government passed a tax on whiskey in 1791. Farmers in Western Pennsylvania refused to pay the tax, saying it was like the Stamp act all over again. In 1794, farmers assaulted federal tax collectors. President Washington called out the National militia to put down the so-called whiskey Rebellion. Many were arrested, but all pardoned or found “not guilty.”

Therein lies the major difference between reader Aaron and I. It’s his opinion the cause is the Constitution and my position different as I have stated. I further maintain, the public school system must be dis-mantled, and replaced by a system of education in the free-enterprise, capitalistic system, as a beginning solution to our current dilemma and crisis.

I don’t know what reader Aaron’s solution is. He does have his own web-site, Militant Libertarian, where he could express his ideas and solutions, however, he mostly post articles by others. In today’s edition of the Militant Libertarian Blog, he post nine listings of articles by other writers. He definitely has the means and space on his web-site to express his ideas relative to the problem and solutions, expressing himself as I do on my web-site instead of attacking me and my ideas, which are obviously different from his.

Quite ok for any one to disagree with me, but an all out attack, with no viable counter is ludicrous. What I believe is pretty much set in concrete. I spent seven years doing little else aside from learning and discovering the Phylosophy of Freedom, I traveled across this country seeking teachers to learn from. My journey led me to many wonderful teachers, and my two main mentors who patiently taught me was, Robert Lefevre, Founder of Rampart College and Dr, George Boardman, a phylosopher, writer and teacher who lived in the ghost town of Chloride Arizina. I used to visit and walk the desert with him as he taught me The Phylosophy of Freedom..

As a student I argued and questioned everything until I finally “got it”. Therefore if the aim of any-one who wishes to argue, is to discredit or change my position, it’s a waste of time. If the aim is to convey to others their differing position, then I suggest they do it on their platform, not mine. I pay the cost of my own website to freely express my ideas. And in this connection, I have no advertisers, as most do, which allows me the freedom to express, without censoring nor intervention from others.

On the other hand; it was Aristotle who said, “There is only one way to avoid criticism; Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”

From my friend Nathaniel Brandon, the number one protege of Ayn Rand, who wrote Atlas Shrugged, stated on Facebook today: “Our life is about self-expression, not self justification.” And I must say my life and writings are not about self-justification, however, frequently about revelations. As I see and understand.. I discovered a long time ago, one of the reasons I’m embodied on this planet is to learn and discover. Which has taken me on an exciting journey on my long and interesting life.

In the middle of writing this article, my son Ken called from a boat in the Atlantic, amid the sharks & stingrays off Hilton Head, to tell me he’s ok. Then saying his manner of dealing with those who vehemently disagree with him: “I’ll Pray for you.”

Let Freedom Ring

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  1. Aaron says:

    Never once have I “attacked” you in any way, Anne. I’ve called into question your apparent religious feelings towards the Constitution and questioned its validity in regards to how you’ve revered it.

    Since you seem to think that I’m attacking you, I will no longer be posting commentary here. My website is my own and it exists not as my personal platform, as yours does, but instead as a means of conveying a multitude of ideas about freedom, liberty, and similar subjects. Just one look at the front page and the article categories I’ve created should show you that. Militant Libertarian is as much about showcasing the current paradigm’s falsehoods as it is about showing others a new way of thinking. We have two different approaches to the same idea.

    If any of your readers wants to sincerely learn about freedom, liberty, and my way of thinking, just go to Google and search “Larken Rose.” He does a far better job than I ever could in espousing actual liberty and free thought.

    Thank you, Anne, for the website and your writings. I will continue to read, but will refrain from commenting further in order to avoid conflict with you.