Over the past seven years I have posted over one-thousand articles on my web-site. These articles cover a variety of subjects from politics, philosophy, parenting, gardening, schools personal history, natural & man-made law and etc. One reader has taken issue on a coupla recent articles, relative to government, natural & man-made laws, and suggests “I appear confused,” in part two of issue 1115, where I discuss Political and man-made law.

No, I’m not confused, I’m quite clear cut about the areas I discuss. I do not write for agreement, despite the fact I’m always pleased when a reader does agree with me. Anyone who reads my articles is free to disagree. However I don’t think disagreement accomplishes much unless the opposing person clearly states their position on any given subject. A response of rhetoric about what others have said, written or done, with-out a clear cut idea of the basic belief and understanding and comprehension of the dissenter is, as my mother used to say, “like a zero with a zero on either side.”

The commenter, whose remarks are posted in comment section of my articles, takes issue with my position on the Constitution & natural and man-made laws. I have more than once stated I believe the Declaration of Independence is the most nearly perfect document ever devised by man.

On the other hand, despite the fact, the U.S. Constitution is a very flawed document, I believe its the best document civilized man has come up with, so far, as a political document to operate a country. And I believe those founding fathers were Divinely guided to come up with a ways & means to operate the government of a country, despite the fact it’s an imperfect document. And the generations which have followed these past 200 years plus, have violated the intent via their interpretation, plus adding more laws which lay the ground work to restrict individual freedom. Additionally ignoring its original intent.

The Commenter began his dissent of my position, by posting a graphic on my web-site article, depicting five original signers with a heading; “These guys loved Freedom so much” continued on bottom saying, “That they wrote a Contract, hundreds of years before your birth – without your consent – binding you in enforced Tax servitude until your death.” Which came across to me as a sardonic, derisive, cynical mockery.

Despite the fact I have more than once stated my position, taxes are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property, hence a system of thievery, I believe the original requirement for a tax, was to support a centralized government to protect the citizenry from Foreign and Domestic enemies. A necessary requirement for the survival of a nation is to maintain and sustain a well equipped militia. To assist in the protection of individual Rights of the people to live in Freedom.

And the Original Constitution does guarantee one’s Rights to Freedom. It does not guarantee Freedom, but the Rights to it. Unfortunately the gluttonous nature of most politicians, elected by the people, have ignored that original intent in favor of their lust for power, to take & rule, we are today on the precipice of the totality of a one-world government of socialism.

In my opinion, we the people in this country had a system of government that provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. And why the Commentor nor any-one else chooses to use time and argument about what the founding fathers said or did, as if they caused the dilemma we face today, is beyond my comprehension. To ignore the errors we the people of this generation have made to bring us to this brink of disaster, is a cop out failure we have done it to ourselves, and powerless to turn the tide back to a life of freedom we once enjoyed.

I for one am definitely not confused about where we came from, nor How and Why we have wound up in the conditions we face to-day. And where were headed, unless there’s a rude awakening of the 300 million plus citizenry in this country. Sadly it’s bondage and enslavement and our founding fathers are not the cause.

I am perfectly comfortable with who I Am and my understanding and comprehension of all that’s taking place around me.

The commentor said I ignored his statement about our founding fatheres. No I did not ignore it, I addressed it in a previous article. I don’t choose to waste my time arguing with anyone who at this late date in our state of affairs is blaming the founding fathers for our current dilemma. Truth is that which is and the absence of a lie. And the truth is our founding fathers are not to blame for the ditch we are in. And totally schocking to me, any one who is as intelligent as I know the Commenter is, laying the cause of our current delemma on our founding fathers.


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  1. Aaron says:

    I think the confusion lies in the basic argument I’m making, which doesn’t seem to be clear. I referred to “parchment worshipers” in my last comment. Those are the people who worship the Constitution as if it’s the Word of God (which it isn’t) and assume (wrongly) that it’s based on the Declaration of Independence – nowhere in the Constitution is the Declaration even mentioned, let alone quoted or paraphrased. The closest it comes is the preamble, which has no legal merit or force.

    My point is simple: yes, the Founding LAWYERS are to blame for where we are today because where we are has been a progression of 230-some years of pretending that a piece of parchment can save us from something that we’ve been walking towards since Day 1. Like I pointed out and you did not address, the Constitution was ignored almost immediately after it was ratified (Whiskey Rebellion) by the very men who created it – aka the “Founding Fathers” (more rightly called the Founding Lawyers, as the Founding Fathers were the Revolutionaries, not the men who saddled us with our government).

    I realize that it’s blasphemy to many to call into question the Constitution and the quasi-religious way the people who crafted it are held up as demigods, but if we don’t question this, we’re lost anyway. We can vote in whomever we’d like, throw out all of the laws we’d like, close up whatever borders we want, etc. but it won’t do any good. We’ll just keep sliding down the slope. At best, we’ll get a few delays before the inevitable comes.

    No, we have to completely revolutionize our way of thinking, our thoughts on government, and the very way we think of both government and freedom. Freedom doesn’t come from, nor is it protected by, pieces of paper. Nor is it supported by or helped by politicians who hold up said paperwork and claim that’s what they’re protecting. This blind nationalism is killing us and has been for decades, maybe centuries.

  2. Freedom Lady says:

    To Aaron, You say we must completely revolutionize our thinking our thoughts on government and the very way we think of both government & Freedom. No I do not, and have no plans nor desire to change my thinking about Freedom nor government. Your editorial ‘We” does not include me, andIdis-agree with your premise the Constitution is to blame for our trials troubles and tribulations..