Actually the complete question asked, had a bit of editorializing to it, specifically asking: “So what’s so special about citizenship that we need to protect it like its some kind of exclusive commodity?”

The importance of Citizenship lies in the fact it’s a status of being a citizen. It naturally follows to then ask, what’s the importance of being a Citizen? The meaning of being a citizen today has a more far-fetched meaning than it did a hundred years ago. Still, a few similarities.

The laws of the U.S. Constitution guarantees civil liberties for citizens of this nation by stating we have certain Rights, specifically, Rights to Life, Liberty and private property ownership. The document of the constitution nor the government give us those Rights, they come from our creator, but the laws expressed in the documents guarantes our Rights to them.

Not many areas around the globe have a document that expresses those Rights and guarantees them. Also the original intent of the Constitution in the formation of a centralized government was a guarantee of protection of those Rights from Foreign and Domestic enemies.

In the guarantee and protection of those Rights, it implies a guarantee and protection for individual freedom, Simply because one cannot express and enjoy those Rights to Life, liberty, and happiness (property ownership) with-out Freedom.

With reference to some legal terminology defining Rights there is reference to “Collective Rights.” I simply do not know what collective Rights mean.

In the world we live in today, being a citizen, or having citizenship, has a greater meaning of importance today than in years past; simply because one “needs” a social security number & card. You can’t get a job without a SS number, nor have a bank account, cash a check, attend school, check into a hospital, or an infinite number of things to live and conduct one’s life. And you can’t obtain a Social Security number without being a citizen. I think illegals can operate under a different system I don’t understand, like obtaining a green card, whatever that means.

I was a teenager in high school when I obtained a SS card. I wanted the job of sweeping the Auditorium to earn a little money and was required to have a
Social Security number.

Being a Citizen in this country today requires more restrictions, rules and regulations, imposed by political government than did earlier life in these United States. Plus the fact the laws of the Constitution are so ignored and violated today, the original purpose and intent has been side swiped, and ignored to a large extent.

I grew up during the so-called depression years of the thirties on a farm, and living life on a farm enjoyed a lot of Freedom; however, it was that period the great socialist FDR came into power, and many things changed as I recall in my growing up years. Not the least of which was a lot of pride in being a Citizen in this country, before the many changes brought about by President Roosevelt.

From my own personal experience, there was a time when having citizenship in this country engendered a feeling of pride in most. However today, so much has changed, many tenets of Citizenship carry a heavy burden. not the least of which is excessive taxation on producers in this country.

There is much that could and should be fixed by the citizenry in this country, if there is an awakening to the reality of whats happening, the reason for it and what’s down the pike if we don’t change and fix.

Citizenship is not a commodity, Freedom is. And it is the intrusion of citizenship requirements, which have adversely affected ones Rights in freedom.. The enslaving acts imposed on Citizenship, with restrictions on the Rights of freedom, adversely affects the meaning of Citizenship, but in no way changes the meaning of freedom, but restricts one’s exercise of it. Nor does it change ones Rights in freedom.

Citizenship is a man-made condition of requirements imposed by political government by virtue of the fact we are born here. Originally intended as a positive condition, but hijacked by those in seats of power lusting for more, changing everything in life in the United States to suit their scheme of things as they dismantle and attack to destroy all that’s good, right and moral in this country to install a one world government.

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC

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  1. Aaron says:

    I’m confused by your answer as you seem to say that citizenship is something needed (going into Social Security requirements) but then say it’s a yolk that holds back productive people (which I completely agree with).

    My point in the earlier article was to say that granting or not granting “citizenship” to “illegal aliens” for being here seems pretty pointless. If the only argument against doing so is that then they’ll “enjoy our freedoms,” then I say “what’s wrong with that?” The fact that a politician could run for office and win, apparently, based entirely on his opposition to so-called “illegals” coming into this country baffles me. It’s in no way “conservative” nor is it “libertarian” or “freedom-loving” to support or voice that sort of nonsense. In my view, “illegals” are used in the same way as the various other boogeymen “terrorists” and “Taliban” and so forth are presented. They’re nothing more than distractions to keep people from paying attention to matters of actual import.

    By the way, “Life, Liberty, Happiness” are from the Declaration of Independence and have no legal bearing on the U.S. Constitution or the laws of the United States. The Constitution does not, in fact, “guarantee” any freedom. The closest it gets is the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments) and those have been summarily ignored from almost the very day they were adopted. George Washington himself trampled them as soon as someone decided they didn’t have to pay the taxes his government was levying, which, amazingly, was the very reason we went to war with Britain in the first place.