Swiping the Swap still dominating the news, as so many ordinary Americans up in arms over the switcheroo of one lonely military soldier for five head-chopping terrorists enemies. The President obviously made a big boo-boo, now others in his regime coming to his rescue, with their opinions, which seem to be making bad news worse.

Those six platoon buddies appearing on the Fox News Megan Files program last week, presented powerful testimony in their stories about Sargent Bowie Bergdahl, and their personal experience with him together in the military in Afghanistan, when Sgt Bowie decided to desert, just walked away, and as reported by locals who saw him, reported he was asking for help in finding the Taliban to join up with, looking for someone who spoke English to assist him.

Something about this entire story smacks of some missing links. From what we hear about the Sargent plus what the president says. However in the one area of conversation with his fellow military platoon members, they all came across quite credible in their stories.

Sgt Bowie, still in his twenties, was in his younger twenties when he voluntarily joined up in the military. And somewhere along the way became so disenchanted with the Military, America, his fellow soldiers, he decided to desert the military in a foreign country walked away from his post of duty and went searching for the Taliban. A group known to be a threat to the world. An extremely unusual decision for a young man in his early twenties to make.

His fellow soldiers went looking for him, and it’s reported five men died looking for Sgt Bowie, who voluntarily deserted the military and his platoon. For the past five years, he has been embedded with the Taliban.
The President of the United States made the decision to swap five terrorists jailed at Gitmo in Cuba for the past dozen years, in exchange for release of Sgt Bowe, Which has caused a firestorm of negative criticism across this country. Congress ticked off because he did not adhere to the law mandating the President notify Congress of release 30 days in advance.
A large percentage of the citizenry quite angry at the president, blaming and accusing him for making the deal claiming his purpose was to take the heat off him and his regime over the current Veterans Administration scandal.

To add insult to injury the response of the Commander-in-Chief, now saying he makes no apology for this actions, because the health of Sgt deteriorating, and he moved fast, because he was not going to leave a soldier behind.

He had been left behind past five years, and there is no news, sgt Bowe suffering from any life threatening physical illness. Some reports of torture, like being locked in an iron shark cage in total darkness for long periods of time because he tried to escape. I suspect we will hear more stories of torture because that’s what enemies of this country do when they have an America prisoner of war.

I wrote about the techniques of torturous brainwashing captors use, and how they go about torturing to cause the subject to hate the mother. Sgt Bowe is in a German hospital being deprogrammed, and just today news reported he refused to talk with his parents. Which is a pretty good sign he was subjected to some torturous brainwashing. Sadly he was not captured, but voluntarily abandoned the military and America, by leaving to join the Taliban while in Afghanistan.

Another excuse the President is using to justify the switch & swap, is a suggestion of concern Sgt Bowe might be killed by the Taliban. Sounds so disingenuous because apparently there was little concern for his life past five years, and secondly, its not a reasonable assumption his captors might kill him, inasmuch as he was a valuable commodity as a bargaining chip in exchange for release of their terrorist, incarcerated at Guantanamo facility in Cuba.

In The Military.com website today, a lengthy interesting article about Sgt Bowie, and his back pay amounting to a substantial sum he’s entitled to receive, unless hes tried and convicted for desertion of the military.

I predict this is not a story that’s going away anytime soon, and there’s much more we’re going to hear about it in the coming days. Especially between now and the November midterm elections. Coupled with the scandal over injured soldiers and VA hospital treatment or absence of treatment, a bunch of bad news relative to political history of treatment of military personnel, widespread and ongoing.


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