In a previous article titled What’s so special about Citizenship?, I attempted to explain my understanding of it. In my article, I stated: “The laws of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the civil Liberties of this nation stating we have certain Rights, specifically Rights to Life, liberty and private property ownership. My reader took issue with that, reminding me that “Life, Liberty and Happiness” was in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. And he is correct.

However, “The Declaration” was the forerunner to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees certain Rights in the Bill Of Rights in the document of Laws.

As I recall from high school civics, much was written in history books about the discussions & arguments of our founding fathers over the phraseology of “Life, Liberty & Happiness.” Many wanted, “Private Property” instead of the word happiness. And the word happiness was the substitute word for Private Property all could agree upon.

Further response from my reader states that The U.S. Constitution “..does not in fact guarantee any Freedom.” Because the meaning of Freedom is “Self-responsibility and self-control” what does responsibility & control mean? It means control over their body, mind and all they acquire and own as a result of that responsibility & control. Beginning with the property ownership of their bodies. That which the U.S. Constitution guarantees in “The Bill Of Rights” is one’s Rights to the ownership and expression of these “Inalienable rights” granted to us by our creator.

The word Freedom itself is an intangible word, and the essence of its meaning comes from attachment to “things.” Specifically property, even intangible intellectual property. Freedom is a “Right”, and the U.S. Constitution guarantees one’s “Rights.” Freedom is the expression of one’s control and responsibility over that which one owns. And ownership must have a boundary in order to be owned. Therefore the Constitutional guarantee of certain Rights to ownership, refers to things which have a boundary.

Therefore if the mention of, “Life. Liberty And Happiness” stated in the Declaration, refers to ownership, it’s specifically spelled out in the Constitutional bill of Rights.

Further with reference to Citizenship and Illegals, the reader states: “My point in the earlier article was to say that granting “citizenship” to illegals for being here seems pretty pointless.” As I stated before, the point of Citizenship makes it possible to live, work and survive in this country inasmuch as the government requires a Social security number to exist legally in this country. To get a job, drive a car, open a bank account, rent an apt, buy a house and just about everything requires a Social Security number. One can get along temporarily via other means, like a government granted, “green card,” but usually one is required to be a citizen to qualify for a SS card.

However to have the benifits required to sustain life, here in this country on a permanent basis one must have a SS number. One is required to have one to check into a hospital if one is sick.. among other things.

The reader states, if the only reason for granting Citizenship to “illegal Aliens” seems pointless, if the argument against is so they will enjoy our freedoms, then I say what’s wrong with that?” I don’t get the point to the position.

I clearly understand the meaning of Freedom, and comprehend what the Declaration of Independence says, and can read the laws as stated in the Constitution. Admittedely I’m not clear on precisely the position of the reader.

He does say, Life Liberty, Happiness set forth in Declaration of Independence have no legal meaning in the Constitution of the laws of the Constitution. Despite the fact specific terminology is different in each document,I definitely believe, the wordage in the Declaration is transcribed by terminology in the Bill Of Rights, specifically, to express life, Liberty, and property Rights. In other words, the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, does not contradict, the specifics of the Declaration, instead re-written in lawful terminology. I do agree with the reader the Bill of Rights have been ignored, but that does not change the laws, it simply means we have elected in Washington, who violate the laws of the Constitution, after taking an oath to uphold it.

In my opinion The Declaration of Independence is the most nearly perfect document ever created by man. I believe the intentions of our founding fathers, were good, decent and noble. And their intentions were transferred over to a constitutional document of laws for the citizenry to abide by. It’s my firm belief we are in the troubled ditch today as a result of ignoring and violating those founding father principles.

Furthermore, it’s my very firm belief, the two documents, The Declaration of Independence and The Ten Commandments are the two great moral guides to live by. Unfortunately, conditions in this country today are a far cry from the basic moral principles expressed in these documents, replaced by a different system of government, a totalitarian, one world government concept.



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