Last week saw a large gathering of world leaders to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Normandy. The U.S. President and Russian president snubbed each other, and the French held two separate dinners because they refused to dine with each other.

President Obama stole the limelight by his oratory skills, ignoring the role the Soviet Union played in winning the war, giving all the credit to U.S. & Britain, then speaking in glowing terms about the role his grandfather played in the battle to win the war. President Obama as commander-in-chief of American forces does not have one day of military training insofar as I know. Because Russia played a large role in winning the war against Germany, it’s downright petty of the U.S. President to snub recognition of that fact in his Normandy speech.

From the gun-running fiasco, Fast and Furious, The Benghazi debacle that killed 4 Americans, Obamacare screw-ups, The VA scandal, reporting hundreds dying because of refused medical care, to the the latest bombshell news releasing five terrorist for one military traitor, that’s not nearly all the bad news coming out of Federal Government decisions.

Ongoing news about back-burner problems in immigration. The Southern border wide open and unprotected, resulting with thousands of Mexican and other foreign illegals, entering this country via underground tunnels, and over fence jumping into this country; mostly men.

But that’s only part of the illegal immigration story. There are thousands of illegal women & children in this country, and now more being brought in by the busload. Not only that, the rejection of illegals in some states, brings news they are being taken from States like Texas, by the busload, and dumped into Arizona. Unloaded with no place to stay, no money nor food, busloads of Illegals now flooding the State Of Arizona. Governor Brewer calling on federal government to no avail for assistance in this influx of busload dumping.

It is the constitutional role of the Federal government to protect this nation from Domestic and foreign enemies. The absence of Federal government intervention and protection from the influx of millions of men women and children into this country, presents a serious economic problem. Dumped in the streets by the busload, with no money, no food and no place to live presents a serious problem. Silence and absence of intervention by our federal government gives consent to this latest scandal of invasion into this country – at the very least and they may be behind this dumping fiasco.

There are today so many serious scandals, coming from every direction, it’s beginning to appear no accident but points to a plan by designed by the Federal government to destroy the Rights to life, liberty & property of the American people, to bring this nation down and under the yolk of Socialism, and fulfillment of the promise President Obama made in his campaign speeches “to transform America.”

At the time we heard this in his campaign speeches, no one dreamed it would be accomplished by excessive taxation, dismantling of the military, open unprotected borders for illegals by the droves, releasing criminal prisoners back into society, then releasing terrorist criminals back to their country of origin, to reengage in terroristic activities against this country; setting up conditions in VA hospitals for refusal of medical attention, while hundreds if not thousands of injured soldiers die from injuries or commit suicide.

Beyond all that, adding to the mix, all the news stories about the deaths and mistreatment of children in the government operated and funded department of DFACS, department of family & children services. Coupled with the bullying killing fields of government public schools, we hear stories reported on a regular basis.

Immigration, public compulsory attendance schools, military, prisons, and DFACS are all federally funded and government operated facilities. Across the board problems in the news on a regular basis. Conditions of life in these United States not improving, but going from bad to worse at an expedited rate. Specifically something wrong in the thinking and acceptance of all these conditions, in the minds and absence of actions across the board among the American people.

While we label ourselves Right-wingers, left wingers, Liberals or conservatives, Republicans or Democrats, those labels do not describe who we have in actuality become.. There appears to be a criminalizing of common sense, standing up resistance to all that’s taking place, that’s contrary, to common decency treatment. Have we just surrendered our inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and private property ownership to a Federal government political force takeover, now in charge of all these facilities, so mismanaged by a federal system, they operate in opposition to life, liberty, and common decency?

Have we become a nation in such deep denial, we are unable or unwilling to face up to the reality of all that’s taking place, reported daily in the news? Where along the way did we lose that, “root hog or die” mentality of our forefathers, who fought & died to leave us the legacy of freedom? It really matters not where or when, the evidence of the results of a centralized government takeover, without a shot being fired, reveals we have become a nation of wimps, doing nothing meaningful to prevent any further onslaught to a former way of life living in a country which provided everything for the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. We have squandered it by voting this takeover into being what it is.

Never in the history of civilization has a political government takeover of the people, voluntarily relinquished its acquired power.

In this connection, any absurd notion, the regime now in power is going to switch gears and relinquish control of the doles is stinking thinking. Nothing going to change direction, unless the people wake up and decide they’ve had a belly full of bondage, and mistreatment.. until, and unless we do, things will continue going from bad to worse. It’s the nature of power grabbers to seek more power. All is never enough for those who lust for power over others.



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