If you are one of my website readers, I hope you stop for a moment and connect some dots.

There’s a whole bunch of very disturbing news items taking place at once lately. The airing by NBC of the very informative Snowden interview in Russia. President Obama’s trip to Afghanistan. All the reports about the Veterans Administration scandal. Secretary of State John Kerry and his trip to Mexico. The jailed U.S. Marine in Mexico. US drone strikes in Pakistan, hitting homes and schools..

Yesterday The President gave a speech before West Point graduates, saying the U.S. is still the leader of the world. He has spoken recently about the phasing out of the U.S. troop occupation of Afghanistan, the longest ongoing war in the history of the U.S. Then posted stories about Drone strikes in Pakistan, destroying homes and killing school children, while unnamed government sources claim the U.S. only targets terrorists. News reports 380 drone strikes in Pakistan destroying at least 132 houses. Reports further stating Obama administration responsible for over 200 civilian casualties in Pakistan. I haven’t read anything anywhere about the US declaring war in Pakistan, but we are actively killing Pakistan citizens.

Then there’s the current news story about the operation of the huge Veterans Administration, and the absence and refusal of medical care for returning war soldiers. Some committing suicide and others dying for absence of medical attention. Seems so surreal, hard to wrap one’s mind around such a horrendous story in this country.

Then there’s the story about the American Marine jailed in Mexico for making a wrong turn on his way from Florida to California. News reports about his being chained to a bed in jail for days. His Commander-in-Chief sending His Secretary of State, John Kerry, to Mexico; obviously neither are doing anything to confront the Mexican government for his release, despite the fact U.S. sends millions of aid to Mexico.

After the televised interview by whistle-blower Snowden in Russia, revealing his feelings and aim of patriotism, by exposure of the lying & spying on the citizenry of Americans, by our government, John Kerry goes on a rant condemning him for his brave acts & wants Snowden to return home.

A reminder to my readers, the purpose of our Federal government is to protect this nation and its people from foreign and domestic enemies. Has it protected a whistle-blower for exposing all the wrong doing in a major government department for lying & spying on law-abiding citizens? Has it protected a veteran U.S. Marine from wrongful incarceration? Has it protected innocent citizens of another country, like Pakistan, from the onslaught of attacks via U.S. drones? Has the U.S. government protected injured returning soldiers from pain and death by denying medical care they were promised when they enlisted to serve this country?

The bottom line is we have a Commander-in-Chief speaking about being the world leader, but silent about the wrongful jailing of an American Marine. A secretary of State, over all foreign embassies, returning fro Mexico with no mention of anything he did to affect his release. A patriotic whistle-blower condemned and criticized for revealing wrong doings in a government department. Top it all off by announcement of withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, while this government using drones to kill their neighboring citizens with drones.

There’s something very wrong with this picture of current events. Plus there’s a commonality of common decency’s absence in all these related stories. Each is a story of the pain, suffering and deaths of innocent people, caused by circumstances as a result of political government decisions, from the top people in charge in Washington. Not only has the Commander-in-Chief failed to protect those they placed in harms way, we have a Congress that does nothing but eats, meets, retreats and spends time before televised cameras, investigating..

None of the cases I describe here just happened, they were caused by the actions and decisions of those elected by the people, to protect and over-see according to the laws of the U.S. Constitution. The absence of protection is so glaringly apparent, they can’t all be accidental. Can anyone deny there’s a concerted mindset acting to destroy this country and the principles of our founding fathers?

Shortly, we will be celebrating the 4th of July, a celebration of the principles of freedom this nation was founded upon, and shortly after an up coming mid-term election. What are we going to do, re-install these same people in positions of power or others like them? When are we the people going to rise up and demand those in charge right the wrongs they have so glaringly committed?

As the president makes glowing speeches about being the world leader, all these heinous crimes being committed on his watch in this country he was elected to protect according to the Constitution. He is not a world leader, nor is he leading this nation according to the laws he swore to uphold. I agree with Charles Krauthammer who says he acts like he “just stumbled into the office of presidency.”

This country “needs” three things at this stage of our history. Number one, the people need to wake up to the reality of what’s happening. Number two, there needs to be a concerted drive for accountability for all the wrongs political government has already committed. And thirdly, we need a leader of this country, not the world, to perform duties according to the U.S. Constitution; to rebuild and reconstruct according to the basic principles of individual freedom, in a free enterprising capitalistic United States of America. A system we originally thrived upon, and provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization..

Sadly we are currently buried knee deep in the morass of Marxist socialism and must stop digging..

Let Freedom Ring

Just me, AC
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