Remember this song growing up? It could be the theme song for current politicians and government appointees sitting in positions of power. It goes like this: “Rock a bye baby in a tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, down comes cradle baby and all!”

The average Anerican citizen must wake up to the reality of what’s happening and stop walking around, like one swatting dead flies. To understand what’s going on, one must observe the pattern. Theres a pattern to politics, which is quite repetitious. Who’s in charge of the money and the Press? One in charge sets up a crisis, reports in the news, then everyone clamors for a microphone, to mimic each other, making stupid remarks trying to look intelligent.

A few days ago, the headline news was about the so-called, “surprise trip” President Obama made to Afghanistan. We the people have no idea what the longest most expensive war has been about. Now double talk about shutting it down and ending, but leaving 10,000 troops there. Why did we go there in the first place? Why did we stay there a dozen years? Why are we leaving? And why this report of leaving 10,000 there? As I recall it was all about finding Bin Laden, and the neighbor of Afghanistan, Pakistan, was touted as our friend, and our government has poured millions in money into Pakistan; but now it’s reported our government killing by drone attacks on schools and homes in Pakistan. What is the rationale for the billions in cost and the thousands of killings of young American soldiers?

Then there’s Syria, and Iran and other foreign countries where our finger is in the pie, and for what reason? All compounded by the confusion of our role, in the Ukraine. What is the purpose of the route we have taken?

While the Obama administration is busy dis-mantling our military, the unfathomable negligence of returning wounded soldiers, the young American Marine abandoned by our government, wrongly accused and jailed in a Mexican jail, being tortured, by such acts as being chained to a bed, naked and tortured for days, and our government doing nothing.

What is defense secretary Hagel doing? What is Secretary of State Kerry doing? What is Congress doing? Quite obviously, everyone is spending their time and effort clamoring for the news camera to go on record, they are calling for the resignation of Veterans Administrator. There’s an irony to this distinctively chilling phenoms taking place in this country at this time. No rational action to solve the proliferation of problems we face, only verbal reactions to the effects of the problem, by trying to look intelligent by calls for voluntary resignation. No intelligent plans for solutions to anything, while so much in shambles in this once great nation.

No rational explanation for anything, and no meaningful solution to anything. Just meaningless verbiage of opinions about who should be fired and who should resign. And all these meaningless reactions dominating the news. All these highly paid, educated politicians running into and from each other, clamoring for the news bandwagon, to go on record they want this one and that one to voluntarily resign, when Congress holds the purse strings and could cut bait by cutting off the money backing. A real live up-side down inverted pyramid, the tail wagging the dog.

Who among the 535 congressmen, and the executive branch, is doing anything meaningful to support the Principles of Individual Freedom and capitalism this nation was founded upon? Obviously nothing as conditions go from bad to worse, daily. The route and energy all directed towards a totalitarian state. Its like a runaway train, no one doing anything rational nor meaningful to stop it. Its as if, ears not hearing, eyes not seeing, but mouths wide open, yakking about why no-one resigning and no-one being fired.

Quite the contrary, perpetrators in charge are awarded large bonus payments, sent home on vacation pay, and the beat goes on. Why is it so many are leading the charge of destruction down the bridal path?

There are a few in the news media, mostly Fox News, trying to sound the alarm bell, to inform the American citizenry of the reality of all that’s taking place. Then there’s the Tea Party, issuing daily reports of the destruction taking place. Still writing worthless letters to Congressmen, who pay no attention, but keep on doing the same thing they have been doing.. increasing taxes, investigating, and clamoring to get on the evening news to be reelected. A circular saw syndrome. which defines insanity – i.e. doing the same thing, trying to convince the people of different results.

Rock-a bye baby in a tree-top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock. When the cradle rocks the baby will fall, and comes tumbling down, cradle and all!!

Unless there’s a change of heart in the minds, heart and will of the people, we’re on a fast track to disaster, and almost there..

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC

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