This past week the Supreme court stuck down President Obama’s unconstitutional Executive overreach, 9-0. The President bypassed Congressional approval when filling a vacancy, placing three new members on national Labor Relations Board, without receiving senatorial confirmation.

Then headline news was about House Speaker Boehner’s plans to file a lawsuit against the President. It’s iffy if that acquires any traction and goes anyplace.

Then there’s the Tea Party pitching the same mantra to Impeach President Obama. A waste of time and money going no place. Even if Impeachment proceedings filed, it will fall flat. Why? Who wants Joe Biden as president?

To top off the theatrics of politics, there’s the ongoing hearings in congress with the head honcho of Internal Revenue in the hot seat, smacking the interrogators around while they smack back. Then there’s the news story which accounts for the arrogant attitude of IRS chief Koskinen, revealing he has donated close to $100,000 to Democrats and the party’s organizations in past four decades.

One can see how the dog bites the flea and the flea bites the dog, and they stay together. Each one has a finger in the pie and a hand in the money pocket, and they are just whacking and smacking each other, while the march to totalitarian socialism, continues, unabated.

While the war in Iraq flourishes, to pave the way for takeover by terrorists to establish their own nation, for a launching pad to attack the U.S. and this nation being invaded by foreign children and Mexico flying over in helicopters shooting at Americans, a huge tax going into effect in a few days.. A way of life under attack as we approach the 4th of July, while political leaders in Congress, whacking and smacking, holding Congressional hearings, seem to be trying but getting no place. The question is, why is that?

A news item yesterday reported the passing of Republican Senator Baker, who played the starring role in the Watergate hearings, back in summer of 1973. Became famous for asking the question, concerning Richard Nixon, “What did the President know and when did he Know it?” The same question being asked today of president Obama.

Similar circumstances today, a presidency teetering on disaster, and a White House riddled with one scandal after another. It’s obvious, perpetual scandal embroilment. It’s too ongoing to suggest there’s anything incidental or accidental about the destructive activity to this once great nation.

It’s obvious, we have become a nation addicted to crisis. What is the answer to our current delemma? In my opinion the solution lies in the hearts and minds of the American people. An awakened desire to value and return to the Principles upon which this nation was founded as set forth in The Declaration of Independence, and guaranteed via the U.S. Constitution of Laws, which have obviously been abandoned.

Not only here in the United States, but in all countries around the globe in upheaval and turmoil. We are overdue to clean up our act in this country, and take back our leadership as an example to other countries. This nation needs to become an isolationist country, while we clean up the mess of things we the people have made. Stop funding terrorists & other countries, close all borders & stop the influx of illegals and hold the elected accountable for their actions.

The plunder will continue until the people awaken to the reality of all that’s taking place. We are in a severe crisis and as Dr. Phil says, every crises needs a hero, to step up to the plate. The lying, conniving, spying and plunder reported nightly in the news. There’s no excuse for not knowing what’s taking place, we are reminded every day of happenings which are taking this country over and transforming it to a Socialist nation.
So little being done to turn the tide it’s tantamount to one sticking their finger in a dam that’s about to break & flood. There was a glimmer of hope when protesters stood up at the Bundy Ranch, then again in the Virginia election, which defeated a Washington insider by an economic Professor. But last weeks primary elections, appear to have selected by reelection, doing the same thing, expecting different results. And Einstein reminded us that defined insanity.

The march to bondage continues, with no sagnificant difference in happenings today than in the Watergate period, aside from one thing as I see it, and that’s the glaring display of arrogance, displayed in the attitudes of those in power and in charge. From the President down, thru out all the governmental organizations, there’s a finger shaking, nose thumbing attitude, very pervasive today. With a notion enamating from those in charge, “we can do anything God can do except raise the dead.”

Let Freedom Ring

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