If we are survive as a nation with any degree of individual freedom left intact, this year of 2014 is our last year of hope. Anyone who thinks we can slide by this upcoming election, still stumbling and mumbling with indifference to that which is taking place, expecting a change in 2016, I have news for you: it will most likely be too late to salvage the principles upon which this great nation was founded upon.

We the people, citizens born in this country, originally, hard-working, freedom loving, gun-toting, horse-back riding, creative, generous, tillers of the soil, have ignored Principles and changed values. No longer in charge, because we have turned our power over for the most part to a bunch of glutenous bureaucratic politicians.

Actually spending more time name-calling a President, we the people voted into power a second time and complaining about effects of his polices. Things are about to get a whole lot worse shortly as new laws go into effect.

In my first part I described the meaning of Munchausens Syndrome by proxy and how it operates in individuals, which in essence is a disorder practiced by some individuals for attention and control of others. Usually an adult over a child, but not always, sometimes adults over adults, but always for the same reason: control and attention.

Some psychiatrists and psychologists maintain, the “need” for attention is greater than the need for food, clothing & shelter. I agree with that premise.

Most of the voting-age adults have set up the conditions we now face, via the selection and election of 535 Congressmen and one president, leaders of this trek to bondage we are now on and in the latter stages of. Whether we admit it or recognize it, we have set these conditions up, which operated very much like Munchausens Syndrome by proxy.

We have a president who told us in his original campaign speeches he would, “transform America.” Then once in power told us he would operate by executive order using pen & phone and so he has, ignoring the laws of the U.S. Constitution. Now spending time and energy name-calling, accusing, with focus on what most describe as absence of leadership.

While the country is in turmoil over the war in Iraq, killings in Benghazi, burdensome taxes, Internal Revenue lying & spying, unprotected borders, bombings by the enemy, dismantling of the military, Billions in Debt, while supporting other regimes, plus concerns of the latest influx of Foreign children in this country.. Most are without a clue as to what’s happening.

We must understand the problem before we come up with a solution. It’s not rocket science; easy to understand by comprehending the meaning of, “Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy.” It simply means one finds ways & means to accommodate their desire for control of others and determination for attention.

The President of the United States simply operates to satisfy his desire to control others, to implement his programs to transform America, while constantly traveling, speaking, playing golf and campaigning for political donations. Why are we blaming him for doing that which he wants to do, and told us he would do before he was elected in first term?

We have become an over-burdened, taxed people, sick and dying because of regulated fixed medical care, invaded by illegals, unable to find jobs, with killing field schools, unprotected borders, and on and on; while the president doing whatever he wants to do to satisfy his desires to control, and he gets plenty of attention, which he obviously desires. Why are we blaming him? He gets what he wants. It’s we the people who’re upset and let it happen, disgruntled and unhappy, over conditions we set up and let happen.

Just one example, is illegal immigration, resulting in flooding of bus loads of illegal children; blaming the president for these conditions. Then news reports with headline stating, “Obama to honor Aliens as, ‘Champions of Change’.”

They are emigrating in droves from dozens of other countries, the people complaining while the President Championing the influx.

Last evening listening to Bill O’Reilly on Fox Factor program, O’Reilley spent talking about the Presidents, “surprise” over a laundry list of problems from Iraq war, Benghazi killings, and floods of illegals. I like Bill O’Reilly and think he’s a smart, entertaining anchor on Fox News, but he obviously doesn’t get it if he claims the President is “surprised” by these events. These, “happenings” are according to the policies the President set up. All very much according to his aim to control, and get attention.

It’s the nature of a snake to crawl and a bird to fly. It’s inherent in the nature of some and all politicians to seek power to control, and get attention. Otherwise they would be out here in the free-enterprising capitalistic system, working and creating, instead of moaning & groaning for money from those who do, to set them up in a seat of power to control & dole, clamoring for a slot on six o’clock news for attention.

Where we are and the conditions we face is no mysterious enigma. It’s so simple a child can understand it.

Ednund Burke said- 1729-1797 said: “People crushed by law have no hope but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws, and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose will always be dangerous.”

Continued in Part Three.



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