As the lyrics to the song goes, “there’s a whole lot of shaking going on.” If you listen to the song, then read the book titled There is that which is seen and that which is not seen, plus are listening to evening news, and end up scratching your head, trying to figure out what’s going on, you’re not alone. It can all seem so baffling.

If you are an individual with love of freedom and this country, concerns about current conditions and direction, worries about the future of your children, wondering if you’re going to be able to meet next month’s mortgage payment, perhaps it’s time to face reality by taking an objective look at events taking place.

It was during the Watergate hearings that the famous phrase by Senator Baker from Tennessee became quite popular, as he repeated saying, ” I’m consumed with curiosity.” Which describes the way I feel about all that’s going on in this country, currently. I simply keep trying to figure it all out. In this connection, the one thousand plus articles posted on my website deal with facts, definitions, opinions and theories. Frequently, my writings are conjecture, as I view it, and up to the reader to decide.

Last evening, I listened to a very interesting segment of The Factor on Fox news by Bill O’reilly, describing his opinion of the current activity and attitude of President Obama as being one of, “surprise.” Pointing out the debacle over Veterans Administration, the war in Iraq, the influx of truckloads of illegal children into this country, among the current problems that the President appears to be surprised about. He may be right, however, I don’t agree with that analysis.

Followed by other programs of a number of news anchors, interviewing and analyzing, with various opinions on most of the major news stations. Some expressing valid insightful analysis of all the different problems we face in this nation today. No one is exempt from the effects of decisions made in Washington, and everyone in this country has a stake in the outcome.

I don’t have any crystal ball, but like many others. an opinion about that which is taking place in this country. It’s not any Rubics cube puzzle, but the out-picturing of a well organized plot to destroy the American way of life in favor of a One World Government system of Socialism. And don’t believe the policy makers in Washington are surprised by anything that’s taking place, because the results are an outcome of a well organized plan, of their making.

For me personally, trying to figure out the state of affairs we currently face, I found some answers in the description of Munchausen Syndrome. in general and Munchausens by proxy in particular. In one sense it’s a sort of fictitious disorder acted out for very specific reasons. The perpetrator attempts to fulfill a need to control others, with a desire for attention. It’s a type of game an individual sets into motion, usually an adult over a child, for control and attention, by involving others to participate in the game of feigned illness.

Those with Munchausen Syndrone by proxy, referred to as MSP, have an inner need for the other person to be seen as ill or injured, to garner attention from others (friends, family, and medical professionals) vicariously thru the victim, when in essence it’s all about control and attention for & by the perpetrator.

For example, the grown-up caretaker fakes illness in the victim child and acts to make it appear to others the child is actually sick, to gain attention and control, of the child, in such a manner which prompts more attention and control from others the perpetrator uses to set it all up and help it happen. When in essence the bottom line is, the set-up is to accommodate the need in the perpetrator for attention and control, vicariously thru “others.”

While the grown-up perpetrator feigns deep concern, by running the victim to doctors and medical facilities, then gaining further attention by reporting to friends or family or via social media, the desire & need for attention, is garnered for the perpetrator. They intentionally harm or describe non-existent symptoms, to gain attention and devotion for their feigned child care. They gain a favorable relationship with health providers, doctors, family, neighbors & friends using the created sickness of the child, to accommodate this “by proxy” Syndrome,

Its a quirky disorder, not easily discernible by the average person, not so needy, for attention and control of others, not involved in “Munchausen Syndrone by Proxy” to discover and uncover. However, it’s a very pervasive technique used by many political power brokers in seats of power.

In Part Two I’ll describe how it works on political levels operating today.



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