If you are anything like me, last week you must have thought nothing could get any worse after the Veterans Administration scandal broke. Revealing the deaths of a number of war torn returning soldiers dying because of absence of medical attention. Then to learn the reason for that was secret inside administration, accomplished by destroying veteran applications for medical care. The purpose? To present favorable records for large bonuses for administrators of the Veterans medical affairs, as reported in the news.

To suggest this seems to be cruel and inhumane treatment, does not seem sufficient description for such unthinkable treatment, but anotherbomb-shell story, hit the headlines, as the story of our government suddenly released five hardened criminals from Guantanamo Bay Prison in exchange for one soldier, who it’s reported defected to another government while serving a tour in Afghanistan.

Here’s a timely quote from American Syndicated Columnist, Charley Reese, 1937-2013. “Congress is extraordinarily reluctant to inject itself into foreign policy. It has dumped entirely its constutional duty for money onto a central bank, and for trade onto the executive branch. It seems to never know what the CIA and other intelligence agencies are doing. Like the Romans, they no longer talk of the republic or Liberty. And like the Romans, the American people, or most of them anyway, don’t seem to care. Like the Romans, we no longer have a citizen army, but professional legions, and whether they wear jack-boots or not, some federal officers seem to regard with about the same compassion as the Praetorian Guard had for the plebes. As in Rome , the air is full of suspicion. intrigues and conspiracies, real or imagined, and the air reeks of greed and opportunism. As those on the Tiber, the rulers on the Potomac have grown suspicious of the people, don’t trust them and in some cases fear them. And as in Rome, they grovel in luxury while taking 40 cents on the dollar out of the sweat of working people to pay for corn and circus to keep the mob satisfied.”

Charley Reese notion, “Congress is extraordinarly reluctant to inject itself in Foreign policy” never more glaringly apparent than the response and re-action to the Presidents decision to release five international terrorists who had been incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay last twelve years. .And all Congress doing is saying, “It sets a terrible precedent.”

According to news, lawyers and legal scholars report the actions by the President are illegal and violate the Us Constutiton. If true, this means he violated his oath of office, inasmuch as he swore on the Bible to up-hold the Constitution. Not only that, but the President has promised not to negotiate with terrorists. Did he negotiate with terrorists by exchanging five dyed in the wool, terrorists for one defected American soldier? Or did he just capitulate and hand over without any negoiation? According to reported law, there is a requirement to give Congress 30 days notice before releasing any prisoners from the Bay facility. According to reports the exchange was all accomplished very secretly. Now being reported Muslims working in the White House and one working for Hilliary Clinton.

Another quote from Charley Reese states: “Washington, of course, aside from being one of the most mismanaged, crime-ridden cities on the planet, is a place where 535 federal legislators and about 38,000 lobbyist work at confiscating and re-distributing the incomes of the American people.”

“Oh what tangled web we weave when we first begin to deceive.” If we the people were unaware before, the degree of deception in Washington revealed via recent Benghazi hearings, news about The Veterans Administration, now on top of release of criminals inside the U.S., the release of five known international terrorists, in captivity past twelve years, should be enough for the least informed, to sit up and take notice of what’s happening in this nation. All without a shot being fired.

I for one, have not followed the notion that we have become like the fallen empire of Rome. In my opinion there are much worse happenings which brought about the downfall of the Roman Empire. And definitely greater news distribution about what’s happening for everyone to hear and see. The question is why is it no one is doing anything effective to stop the onslaught of communist style socialism,, which has taken over?

Despite the controlled liberal free press, there’s plenty of current up to date reports on Cable news and Social media, reporting on all that’s happening immediately. Warnings of that which has already happened, reports as situations unfold and happen, then plenty of analysis dissecting as soon after it happens. We have become the most informed, enslaved society, known to civilization. So many still believing, we the people in charge, when obviously such is not the case as revealed by the evidence. We the people lost control, way back when, and a very few, namely, 535 Congressmen, one president and nine Supreme court justices, are in charge of 300 million plus American people. Writing the script, pulling the curtain, and in charge. ruling outside the laws of the US Constitution. Now so many fronts of violations, hard to keep track..

Delusional thinking by so many, still believing letter writing to those in charge is the answer to change, when obviously the thousands upon thousands of letter writings have been less than a hill of beans. When everyone knows, doing the same thing over & over expecting different results is a form of in-sanity. Actions which have become the excuse for not acting responsibly, just a game of distraction, blocking any meaningful response to the onslaught of political government takeover of this country for an incoming socialistic one world system, re-placing the one we originally had. Without a shot being fired.

Whether or not its clear, Push has come to shove. Unless we shove those out of power now in charge, they will push us over the cliff into full-fledged socialism, of the communist brand.


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