There’s an old saying down south, among some families who had a family member screwing up, doing something the family disapproved of (for example drinking too much “white lightening”): “he’s going to Hell in a hand basket.”

I suppose I’ve become somewhat of a “news junkie,” every day listening to news on TV, checking articles on the internet, reading social media, and keeping up with much that’s taking place in this country, locally, nationally and internationally.

Then I might chat with someone in the grocery store, or chat with someone on the phone. I’m just amazed at the amount of disinterest in all the rapid fire major problems, so prevalent in the news. For example, the news this morning stated President Obama is sending 160 troops to Iraq, he says the White House sending U.S. military, “entering Iraq with it’s consent.” Just coupla days ago, the President stated he would not be sending troops there.

Then there’s all the ongoing news about Benghazi, the release of five terrorists from Gitmo, the Mexican jailed American young military man, the VA Scandal, IRS activities (like destroying Lois Lerner e-mails), the upcoming July huge tax hike, the bombshell news about the dumping of loads of illegal children in Arizona, shootings in Public Schools, and the list goes on.

So what’s going on in the Halls of Washington? The Congress is spending time investigating, with attention on reelection, the president playing golf and making speeches to gather money, and the secretary of state appearing before a group in another country, reading a poem.. While the majority of Citizenry so saturated with bad news, turned off the spigot to their listening ears. Just overwhelmed with all the daily news, like a ship without a rudder; simply do not know what to do about the downfall of the American dream and dis-mantling of this nation.

So what’s the response? Many hop in the car and head for the movies, the beach, or nearest line to sign up for food stamps. Just can’t grasp nor cope, so overwhelmed by so much bad news, must feel like Macbeth, who said, “out damned spot.”

I’m amazed at the lack of interest in the current story about the invasion of minor illegals, dumped here from foreign countries. The real story behind the plot of our government involvement in that issue, is the mother shocker of the day, when one pays attention to bits & pieces of news seeping out about this latest activity and whats really going on relative to the bus-loads of illegal minors in this country, from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, entering via way of Mexico.

The loudest outcry from the people of this nation is heard blaming President Obama. I’m reminded of something I’ve heard from childhood, which is this: “The policies of political government never far behind, nor far ahead of the tempo of the American people.” Obviously, we the people have set it up & let it happen, then voted into power a president for a second term, large numbers now claiming he lacks leadership qualities. Now acting like we’ve been hit with a stun gun.

Dr. Phil reminds us we can’t change that which we refuse to acknowledge. And specifically that which we refuse to acknowledge is the role we the people have played in setting it all up and letting it happen. There was no force on the planet which could have invaded and taken over this country to the extent it has today without the tacit consent of the people.

This great nation, which began with a government devised to furnish the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization, has gone down the tube, with little more than a whimper from the majority of the people. The blame of the Congress and Presidency is not misplaced, their lust for power is the engine which has brought us to this brink, but the root cause lies in the thinking, actions, and in-actions of the 300M plus citizenry in this country, which have allowed it to happen.

Remember the Socialist leader Peron and his wife Eva of Argentina? After its collapse under the bondage of Socialism, Eva Peron said, “Don’t cry for me Argentina!” I for one cry for the America we once had, and cry out to the people to wake from your slumber, stand up, speak up and act up to reclaim that we once had and belonged to us with an obligation to regain to pass on to the next generation. And we begin by first admitting to ourselves, we’re not entitled to sit back and do nothing about it.



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